Longgong Jiangxi gear has grown from a single bran

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Longgong Jiangxi gear: from a single branch to a full garden of flowers

Longgong Jiangxi gear: from a single branch to a full garden of flowers

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Guide: in the mechanical and electrical industry of Gao'an City, Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. is an excellent dancer: it picked up an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy a few years ago, took in more than 300 teachers and masters, and was reborn several times, Now it has become the leader of China's gear manufacturing industry, a large enterprise with an investment of more than 600 million yuan

in the mechanical and electrical industry of Gao'an City, Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. is an excellent dancer: a few years ago, it "picked up" an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy and "took in" more than 300 teachers. After several rebirth, it has now become the leader in China's gear manufacturing industry, a large project with an investment of more than 600 million yuan

Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. was formerly Yichun gear factory. In April 2003, China Longgong Group invested in the merger and acquisition of Yichun gear factory. At that time, the idea was very simple: to build a gear processing base, because there are more than 300 laid-off skilled workers here, which is a rare wealth

in September 2003, Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. settled in Gao'an new century industrial city, becoming the only gear manufacturing enterprise in the industrial city. However, it is this lonely dancer who has developed rapidly in just a few years and plays an increasingly important role in the industrial layout of China Longgong group

on March 19, 2006, Longgong group made an additional investment of 138 million yuan in Gao'an, which was upgraded from the original gear processing center to a gear production base

March 11, 2007 On the 9th, Longgong Group invested another 540 million yuan to expand its gear production base to four new high-tech projects. By October this year, it will form a forging center with an annual output of 30000 tons of forgings and an annual output of 120000 sets of spiral bevel gear cold and hot impact test cases. It should always adhere to the clean wheel production line and 50000 sets of high-end pump and valve production lines that replace imports and have domestic first-class standards. 80% of the equipment of these projects is imported from the United States, Germany and Switzerland. After the whole project reaches the production standard, it is expected to pay more than 50 million yuan of tax every year

what is the thrust behind Longgong group's additional investment in Gao'an again and again to promote the upgrading of gear production base? The thrust comes from the environment, an environment in which the local government sincerely serves and supports the development of enterprises

behind the plant of Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd., there was a pool and depression, with a total of more than 270 mu, which is very difficult to landfill and level. Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. has always wanted to level it out and expand the production site, but it has been unable to make up its mind because it has no energy to do this work

knowing the wishes of "Longgong", Gao'an municipal government promised to "send" a flat land to "Longgong" within five months. Soon, all kinds of construction machinery entered the depression

in just four months, the deepest part is 14 meters, and the depression that needs to be filled with tens of millions of earth has been leveled

since entering Gao'an for the first time in March 2006, Li Xinyan, chairman of the board of directors of China Longgong group, every time he comes to Gao'an, he will see the new changes of Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd. and leave a new impression... The largest loader manufacturer in China said with confidence: "this humble land will achieve an output value of 3 billion yuan in three years."

a few years ago, the mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry in Gao'an city was still a blank paper. The entry of "Longgong" and additional investment again and again have attracted Taihao motor, Nante machinery and other enterprises to enter and frequently increase capital and shares. "Longgong" is no longer alone. The whole mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry in Gao'an city has begun to usher in spring

in order to build a bigger stage for these excellent dancers, Gao'an city has planned a 10 square kilometer mechanical and Electrical Industrial Park, led by Longgong gear and Taihao motor. On the one hand, it promotes it to further expand the investment scale, on the other hand, it plays its driving and gathering function, attracts relevant enterprises to settle in the park, expands the industrial scale, extends the industrial chain and forms an industrial system, Build a mechanical and electrical industry base with important influence in the whole province and even the whole country

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Longgong (Jiangxi) Gear Co., Ltd., a listed company in Hong Kong - China Longgong Holding Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned enterprise in Jiangxi. It is not suitable to take too wide samples. It is a mechanical parts processing base of Longgong. It has more than 960 employees and more than 500 sets of advanced equipment based on numerical control, representing the first-class level of gear processing technology in China, It has a leading level in the production of various gear transmission parts supporting China's famous brand construction machinery

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