Lobo float front-line ultra long glass online pack

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A new breakthrough has been made in the long glass packaging of the first line of Lobo float.

on July 21, 2003, the first line of Lobo float was 12mm 5500 × 1830 specification ultra long glass went off the production line smoothly, marking a new breakthrough in Lobo's ultra long and ultra thick glass packaging technology

in May, the float front line successfully achieved 5000 × 2000 packaging. Not long ago, a customer wanted to buy 12mm 5500 × 1830 extra long glass 1100 heavy box. On the basis of successfully organizing and realizing the super long specification glass packaging in May, the production department of the joint stock company also organized the first float factory, packaging factory and relevant units to successfully complete the production task of 1100 heavy cases of 12mm glass packaging 1 and maximum experimental force: 100kN in a short time, so as to meet the needs of users in time

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