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LNG trading is not enough to warm up China Australia relations

at a time when the political relations between China and Australia have cooled sharply, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) transaction involving the two countries makes people think that the relations between the two countries have taken a turn for the better. However, it is too early to say that the heat of LNG is enough to warm up the political relations between the two countries

according to Xinhua news agency, "PetroChina announced on August 19 that it had recently signed a LNG purchase and sales agreement with Mobil Australia Resources Co., Ltd. and would import 2.25 million tons of LNG from gaogeng LNG project in Western Australia every year within 20 years"

the value of this transaction is estimated to reach a $50 billion, the largest single export transaction in Australia. Alison, an Australian expert on Asian issues who has served as a diplomat in many Asian countries? Alison Broinowski told Caijing: "it is brave to say that China Australia relations have returned to the basic track of 'business belongs to business and politics belongs to politics'."

this may indeed be the prediction of "courage". Historically, major energy project transactions between China and Australia are always witnessed by senior leaders every year. In terms of the amount and importance of the current transaction, it does not seem to have received the "treatment" it deserves

in August 2002, the bidding results of CNOOC Shenzhen Dapeng LNG project were announced. The northwest continental shelf gas field in Australia won the bid and won the 25 year contract to export 3 million tons of LNG to China every year. This was also the largest export transaction in Australia at that time, which was expected to bring in a revenue of 25 billion Australian dollars. As a result, the news was first announced by then Australian Prime Minister Howard on August 7

in April 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao met Howard on the occasion of his visit to Australia and signed an agreement on importing uranium from Australia. According to the agreement, China will reduce its weight by 65% and import 10000 tons of uranium from Australia every year from 2010

three months later, Howard paid a return visit to China, and Wen Jiabao met with him in Shenzhen. They jointly launched the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of Shenzhen Dapeng LNG project, which shows that the high-level leaders of the two countries attach importance to bilateral cooperation in the field of energy

during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Australia in September 2007, PetroChina signed agreements with shell and Woodside respectively to purchase 1 million tons (for 20 years) and 3 million tons (for 15 years) of LNG each year

several energy transactions between China and Australia have been witnessed by the top leaders, which shows that both sides are happy to see the development of bilateral trade. In contrast, the ceremony of this transaction is very low-key

Australian Energy Minister Martin? Martin Ferguson attended the signing ceremony in Beijing on August 18. "China has a strong demand for resources and energy. In this regard, Australia can well meet the needs of China at the stage of development. For any bilateral relationship, there are often times of conflict, but commercial activities still need to continue," he told the media

The Beijing Morning Herald did not report on the deal, even though it was not invited by the media in Sydney. This is the only one of the five Australian media resident in China who has not been invited. The Sydney Morning Herald reports on China Australia affairs most frequently and is relatively critical of the Australian government's China policy

after the news of the transaction spread all over the world, Xinhua news agency released the report of the transaction as late as the evening of August 19. In the report entitled "PetroChina and ExxonMobil sign a long-term LNG purchase and sale agreement", Australia was tried to keep a low profile

according to the report, PetroChina said, "the signing of the agreement marks good cooperation in the field of natural gas and lays a foundation for strengthening long-term strategic cooperation". However, who does "good cooperation in the natural gas field" mean? Australia or Mobil

the report did not even quote any positive comments from PetroChina executives on the transaction

judging from the exchanges between senior leaders of China and Australia, 2009 was also much worse than before. After Rudd was elected Prime Minister of Australia at the end of 2007 in order to achieve the goal of rough throwing, he had one meeting with Wen Jiabao and two meetings with Hu Jintao in 2008. 2 he should have a written commitment to the quality assurance and maintenance of the external insulation system. So far in 009, he has not met with the two Chinese leaders. Only in February did he receive Wen Jiabao's condolences on the heavy casualties caused by Australian mountain fires

before PetroChina signed the LNG purchase transaction, Australia agreed to issue a visa to Xinjiang leader Rebiya Kadeer to participate in the Melbourne film festival. China immediately cancelled the visit plan of Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei to Australia to show its strong dissatisfaction. This has brought China Australia relations, which have been frustrated by Chinalco's stake in Rio Tinto and tortured by Rio Tinto's Chinese employees suspected of stealing intelligence, to the bottom again

blonowski believes that both China and Australia have huge commercial demand for each other's market. Both sides have established a solid complementary economic relationship and have realized that it is a more appropriate choice for China and Australia not to confuse business and politics

but how can business and politics be completely separated? For Australia, which relies on resource exports, business means politics

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