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Local teams serve the world - decrypt Voith's core competitiveness

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● complete product portfolio to meet the diversified needs of different paper types and different paper machines

● local manufacturing to provide the world with first-class quality products

● based on product advantages and focusing on the overall process flow of paper machines under the new situation

forming, which is the carrier of paper forming Dewatering and wet web conveying are the key consumables of the paper machine. The good forming of the paper in the wet end largely determines the quality of the paper and the stability of the paper machine. Voith's new generation of molding family I series products have promoted SSB performance to a new level through unique design concept and advanced production technology. With excellent dehydration performance, uniform paper uniformity, excellent fiber retention and high wear resistance, Voith's molding products have been highly recognized by the market and have outstanding market performance for many consecutive years

meet industrial challenges and meet diversified needs

different kinds of paper have different production needs. The high-speed and wide width development of modern paper machine has brought differentiated forming part structure, and the paper clamping machine has more applications. This puts forward strict requirements for molding - to meet the production demand, achieve optimal dehydration, better paper uniformity and flatness, and longer service life. Voith's i-series and H-series molding can cover all application ranges from fine to coarse, and provide services for all types of parts and paper types

high speed paper gripper - I series products dehydrate rapidly at high speed, maintain high vertical and horizontal stiffness and small difference banner orientation. The life cycle of molding is prolonged, and the replacement times can match the replacement cycle of wool cloth to reduce downtime

paperboard machine - white cardboard has strict requirements in terms of surface performance and uniformity. Compared with standard SSB products, Voith molding products have more fiber support points, small difference in longitude and latitude thickness of the surface layer, uniform overall distribution and good paper flatness

personalized requirements - Voith has customized solutions for customers for different part structures, case length and width, vehicle speed, slurry composition and content. At present, Voith can provide products with a length range of 8 ~ 150m and the largest width in the world. For example, it can provide molding for Hainan PM2, the world's largest paper machine

achieve "made in China, quality in Germany"

Kunshan paper city is the headquarters of Voith Paper in Asia and the largest manufacturing and service base in the world. The fabric manufacturing factory here is the largest fabric production base in the world. Its products include molding, woolen cloth, screw dry and conveyor belt. The molding manufacturing benefits from more than ten sets of international advanced weaving equipment and advanced process management. The annual production capacity can reach 300000 square meters, and the manufacturing capacity ranks first in China

Voith continues to improve and maintain its core competitiveness: on the one hand, continuously optimize the product structure to improve product quality; On the other hand, improve the process flow and improve the production efficiency. That's right. At present, in terms of quality and delivery time, it can meet the needs of the market and customers, and the market share is rising. Since the completion of the factory in 1998, Voith textile factory has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market, continuously expanding the factory, adhering to the "localization strategy", vigorously cultivating local technical talents and expert teams, and establishing a complete sales and service network. At present, Kunshan fabric factory supplies goods to the world and provides first-class quality products to the world with the ability of local manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that Voith has still achieved proud sales performance in this year of epidemic challenge. Compared with the business suspension of many companies, Voith people race against time and go all out to ensure the normal operation of customers, while sales and service engineers overcome many difficulties and do their best to escort customers' factories

whole line supplier, focusing on the overall solution of paper machine

as a whole line supplier, Voith can provide a comprehensive solution for paper forming and dehydration, which brings confidence to extruder enterprises, wet end and even the whole paper machine. Through the comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the equipment, overall process and accessories of the forming department, the main reasons affecting the paper quality and the operation of the paper machine are found out, and the optimization scheme is put forward

for example, in order to adapt to the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and less downtime of the paper machine, Voith fabric inspection may show different angles. The tool q-fit can carry out wear inspection on the paper machine during operation, greatly reducing the downtime of customers. Pmportal digital consumables management system can provide real-time status of consumables and realize comprehensive and active consumables management. Other businesses provided by Voith also include the test and correction of monomer equipment, such as the verification of roller parallelism when the sub standard line is inclined and the width is reduced. At present, the ceramic matrix composite has exceeded the surface roughness inspection of roller and dehydrated parts when the metal heat-resistant material is excessively worn

in the face of this year's new environment and challenges, Voith responded quickly, continued to provide customers with high-quality and competitive fabric products and comprehensive solutions, and worked hard to ensure the normal operation of customers on site

focusing on the whole and facing the future, Voith Paper will work with you to achieve the goal of high operation and better paper quality of the paper machine

about Voith

the paper business department of Voith group is the preferred partner and pioneer in the paper industry. The paper business department of Voith group has been committed to continuous innovation, optimizing the paper production process and realizing resource-saving production. Papermaking 4.0 solution will provide interconnection between intelligent equipment and improve the market competitiveness of paper manufacturers through digitization and intellectualization. Servolution service portfolio provides customized services and intelligent solutions for all links of paper production

Voith is a global high-tech group. With a wide range of solutions including systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets industry standards in the fields of energy, oil and gas, papermaking, raw materials, transportation and public transport. Voith group was founded in 1867 and has more than 19000 employees. Its business covers more than 60 countries around the world, with annual sales of 4.3 billion euros. It is one of the largest family businesses in Europe


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