Why is the texture wall film praised as a washable

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Why is the texture wall film known as "washable" wall coating

why is the texture wall film known as a "washable" wall coating

November 29, 2018

water resistance is often different. The high uniformity of the comprehensive performance of parts with different thickness is often an important standard to measure the quality of coatings. If the water resistance of products is poor, the service life will be greatly reduced. For example, latex paint, wallpaper and wall cloth will soon appear if they encounter indoor air humidity in the process of use, but there are some shortcomings, such as fragile, difficult transportation and preservation, such as wall falling off, mildew, edge warping Fading and other conditions have a very serious impact on the overall effect of home

the texture wall film has super water resistance and will not fall off, mildew, edge warping and fade after continuous immersion for dozens of days. It is not only suitable for cities with heavy moisture, but also especially suitable for wall decoration in humid environments such as toilets and kitchens. The texture wall film is mainly composed of waterborne polymeric resin, pigments and fillers and waterborne additives. It is a natural environmental friendly waterborne material without the release of any harmful substances, Therefore, the decorative material with large amount of water molecules can not only prevent the wall from entering the wall, but also has good water resistance

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in addition to the excellent performance of excellent water resistance, the texture wall film also has the advantages of super scratch resistance. After construction, the thickness of the texture wall film can reach more than 0.2mm, with super hardness and elastic properties. Since the steel ball or other sharp objects are used to rub back and forth on the film-forming surface, there will be no scratches, and its abrasion resistance coefficient reaches 20000 times, Super cost-effective Chinese coating. Deeply loved by people

in addition, as a new wall decorative coating, the texture wall film can create decorative effects with different styles and realistic texture even on monotonous walls with special molds and unique processes. It can fully meet the pursuit of fashion, rich and personalized patterns. It is favored by more and more consumers

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