Langsheng, Germany, plans to build a new inorganic

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Langsheng of Germany plans to build a new inorganic pigment factory in Ningbo

Langsheng company of German special chemicals group and Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone have reached a conditional agreement on a future investment project. According to the agreement, Langsheng plans to invest in the construction of an inorganic pigment production plant in Ningbo to further expand its business in China and around the world. At present, the project is being approved by the local government, and the suitability of the base is also being further examined

Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone is a national chemical park. Founded in 1998, this Petrochemical Industrial Park has perfect infrastructure and convenient transportation network. For example, China's largest liquid chemical terminal is located here, and a container terminal is also built near the park

"the signing of the investment agreement further proves our long-term commitment to China's development, and also shows that we are full of confidence in the city of Ningbo, which is not only energetic but also has infinite potential," said Dr. Yu Wenguang, vice president of Asia Pacific region of Langsheng's non brand popularity further increasing machine pigment business department, after the signing ceremony. "With the establishment of a new factory in Ningbo, our product portfolio of synthetic iron oxide pigments will be further enriched, and our development in China will be more consolidated."

in addition, Langsheng's production base in Jinshan, Shanghai is one of the largest and most advanced production bases of iron oxide pigments in China, with an annual output of 28000 metric tons of yellow iron oxide pigments and 10000 metric tons of black iron oxide pigments. The products are mainly used in paint and coating industry. Driven by the general trend of urbanization, the demand for inorganic pigment 2 and tortuous experimental materials in China and even other parts of the Asia Pacific region is increasing

Langsheng inorganic pigment business department (IPG) is one of the world's leading oxide based inorganic pigment manufacturers. Its production bases in Germany, Brazil and China produce about 350000 metric tons of iron oxide and chromium oxide green pigments every year. The existing Bayer Lok and colortherm series environmental protection pigments have high light resistance, weather resistance and strong chemical resistance. LANXESS inorganic pigments is part of the high performance chemicals segment, which had total sales of € 1.98 billion in fiscal 2010

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