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The artistic cells and aesthetic taste in the bones of the French seem to be innate. They just have a way to make an ordinary apartment into a "very French" temperament

the artistic cells and aesthetic taste in the bones of the French seem to be innate. They just have a way to make an ordinary apartment into a "very French" temperament. Speaking of the French lifestyle and living environment, we have to mention the evolution of French style. The French style in history starts with two leaders named Louis, Louis XIV and Louis XV. Although their names are very casual, their pursuit of quality of life is not vague at all

in many small apartments in Paris today, even ordinary French people will have some classical complex, but compared with the decoration of local tyrants who "play to make a full set", they will choose to abandon most of the magnificent elements and subtract in the decoration design, which is also more and more in line with modern aesthetics

if you also love French romance, then Champs Elysees series is your ideal choice. While retaining the romantic temperament of French style, Champs Elysees series integrates modern fashion elements to create a different French style

living room

the whole wall type Champs Elysees series TV cabinet is dignified and elegant. It is set opposite to the navy blue retro patent leather sofa, but it doesn't show any massiness and antiquity, but makes the living room a little more fashionable


Champs Elysees series wine cabinets are no longer complex traditional shapes, but integrate elements such as small holders and modern wine grills, which not only meet the needs of wine collection, but also have richer functions

master bedroom

the master bedroom takes amaranth as the theme color, which runs through soft clothes such as carpets, curtains, paintings and so on, and is very feminine and charming. At the same time, the wardrobe is not only at the stage of door covering design, but also presented in a fashionable and simple sliding door style

second bedroom

if amaranth represents a feminine softness, then light blue represents warmth and steadiness. Abandon the vast majority of magnificent designs, as long as the simple grass pattern embellishment, it is still very French


study is no longer the traditional form of bookcase + desk, but combined with tatami combination cabinet design, one room multi-purpose is no longer a dream! From the solemn, tough and magnificent baroque style, to the noble, beautiful, dignified and elegant Rococo style, and then to the increasingly fashionable French simple style, the reason why the French style can go to the present is all due to its spirit of keeping pace with the times and the unique aesthetic taste of the French

from the living room to the dining room, from the bedroom to the study, French romance and nobility are obvious! Custom furniture Deville mall http://www.dwejia.com/CustomStyle It's very good. Customized hotline: 400-8822-118 welcome to inquire





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