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The decoration of children's room has a constant theme, that is, try to make the decoration of children's room warm, in line with children's aesthetics, cartoon animation design, so that the children's room is full of children's fun, but also in line with children's psychological growth environment. The following is the decoration effect drawing of 8 super cute children's rooms carefully collected by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

this warm decoration effect drawing of children's room is more suitable for little girls to live in. Generally, the decoration of children's room is divided into boys' room and girls' room. According to the gender of children, there are certain differences in decoration. Girls' room is relatively warm, and all kinds of cartoons, dolls and colors are relatively feminine, while the theme colors of boys' room are different, Therefore, it is also important to choose the decoration method according to the preferences and personality of your children

the interior area of this decoration effect drawing of children's room is relatively spacious, and there is enough space to design an independent study location for children, which can make children's growth and learning work together. In a room, it also makes children more independent. It is more appropriate to design a study near the window, with sufficient lighting, and it is a good choice to see the scenery outside when tired

also pay more attention to the decoration effect drawing of the children's room of the study. The first point of the decoration of the children's room is to decorate the layout that conforms to the overall practicality, and the second is the appropriate soft decoration. A large desk and bookcase integrated furniture supplies are more suitable for use in the children's room, which also reduces the trouble of decoration and can be decorated more conveniently. Secondly, this is also a more popular choice

an expanded world map is posted on the background wall of the children's room at the end of the bed, showing the face of the whole world in front of the children. It has cultivated the children's curiosity to explore the external world since childhood, which is very helpful to stimulate the baby's sense of adventure. It can be said that such a background wall design of the children's room is both a learning tool and entertainment material, adding fun to the child's growth. The strip bed is opened on one side of the bed, which brings warm natural light to the children's room bedroom. The solid wood desk is placed at the head of the bed, and a gray panel is installed on it. You can stick some post it notes on it, which is convenient and practical

the decoration effect drawing of children's room with classroom flavor is filled with a kind of simplicity of student age everywhere. The background wall of children's room served by blackboard paint is the main space for children to play. Babies can doodle here at will to meet the children's desire to write on the blackboard. And next to the blackboard wall is a pink transparent chair surrounded by a simple round tea table. If there are babies and partners, they can play and do their homework here. Is it very convenient. Close to the window, the sofa bed is selected, and sleeping and rest are integrated together. The position under the bed is designed as a storage cabinet, which collects all the toys and sundries of the children, maintaining a clean decoration environment of the children's room

every child has his own interests and hobbies. For small astronomy lovers, this children's room bedroom is the most suitable decoration. The design of the background wall at the head of the bed is like a esoteric map of astronomical constellations, which brings the most magical astronomical phenomena to children, so that babies are attracted by magical natural phenomena since childhood, which is helpful to stimulate imagination and exploration. In addition to a bed and desk, there is no extra furniture in the bedroom of the whole children's room, which reserves sufficient free space for children to meet their growth needs

girls should be spoiled, so if your baby is a princess, such a delicate children's room decoration is the only choice. The dark pink background wall of the children's room makes the whole bedroom of the children's room full of warm and romantic atmosphere, and the black shelves on the background wall of the side children's room decorate the monotony of the background wall of the children's room, which also adds storage function to the decoration of the whole children's room. On the opposite side of the bed is a small locker, which is equipped with all kinds of daily necessities for children. It is exquisite and practical. The most wonderful thing about the decoration of the whole children's room is that a small partition is also designed on the door frame, and the potted plants have infinite vitality

purple has always been the favorite of many people, and children are no exception. This children's room bedroom decoration effect drawing is based on purple as a whole. The background wall of the whole children's room is purple, dotted with white patterns, giving people a dreamy and mysterious feeling. The small window on the background wall of the side children's room is also equipped with a small windowsill, with dark purple throw pillows and lavender yarn bedroom curtains. Even the curtain at the head of the bed also chooses the purple department, which is romantic





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