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Leyijia introduces you some household appliance cleaning tips, so that you will no longer worry about cleaning household appliances. Each kind of home appliance has different cleaning methods. Let's follow Le Yijia to have a look

when we clean up, we often clean the corners of the walls and desks in the house, which we seldom touch, and even lift chairs to clean the windows that are out of reach. But do we clean the household appliances we use every day

look at your home. Are your household appliances clean enough? The more things at hand, we sometimes ignore their cleaning problems. Think about it. How long has your water dispenser not been cleaned, and your refrigerator and microwave oven? Then take this opportunity to learn some common household appliance cleaning methods with Xiaobian. They are simple and practical, and they can also help you save money

・ microwave oven

the inside of the microwave oven is too dirty, so you don't need to scrub it with detergent. Prepare a bowl of water, add some white vinegar in it, turn it in the microwave oven for 3 minutes, and then you can wipe away the stains. During the cleaning process, do not let water enter, and do not use solvent or gasoline to clean the furnace surface or stove utensils

・ refrigerator

the refrigerator should be cleaned more than twice a year. When cleaning the refrigerator, first cut off the power supply, dip a soft cloth in water or detergent, gently scrub, and then dip in water to wipe away the detergent. The inside of the refrigerator can be wiped with boric acid or sterile paper towels. Wiping the refrigerator with boric acid can easily remove the frost. If vinegar is used instead of boric acid, rust can be prevented. Shelves should be taken out and cleaned with water. Wipe the inner wall with glycerin to form a thin protective film, which can be easily wiped off even if it is stained with milk or food residues. When the accessories in the box are dirty and dirty, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent. The surface of electrical parts shall be wiped with a dry cloth

・ water dispenser

drain the residual water in the water dispenser. Then take down the plastic seat cushion stuck on the water dispenser. Pour white vinegar into the water dispenser, and generally clean the water dispenser once, using about 250ml. Then turn on the tap and verify that the white vinegar has entered the water storage tank. After that, put the plastic cushion back, then turn on the power and heat it for 40 minutes. Finally, release the white vinegar from the faucet and the water outlet behind the water dispenser respectively, and then add clean water into the water dispenser, and repeat the above steps two to three times. Wash the vinegar left in the water dispenser

・ range hood

after using the range hood for three months, a large amount of oil dirt will be stuck on the impeller and flue, which will not only increase the power consumption, but also produce noise, form fire hazards, and make the range hood diffuse in the kitchen, which is harmful to health

the range hood can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent, which can be directly sprayed on the greasy spot after being diluted with water, and then wiped clean with a cloth

・ air conditioner

the pollutants in the indoor unit of the air conditioner are mainly soot. When cleaning, it is necessary to take out the filter screen in the machine gently, wash it with clean water first, and then gently brush it with a soft brush, or brush it with neutral detergent such as detergent. It should be noted that the water used for cleaning should not exceed 40 ℃. Washing powder, gasoline, etc. should not be used for cleaning, nor should it be exposed to the sun or dried on the fire to avoid deformation of the filter screen. Pay attention to disinfection after cleaning. When cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the detergent dosage needs to be increased

・ TV

there are pollutants on the TV screen, which should be wiped with special detergent. When cleaning, spray detergent on a dry and soft wiping cloth, keep the cloth slightly wet, and do not spray it directly on the screen. Power on to remove moisture 30 minutes after cleaning

the above are a few cleaning tricks Xiaobian has prepared for you. With these cleaning methods, you will no longer be afraid of household appliance sanitation




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