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Quality life choose the top ten brands of board, fine wood craftsman net aldehyde antibacterial board

home, is a beam of warm sunshine, which can melt the ice and frost on your heart; It is a bright light, which can illuminate the journey of people who walk at night and return late; It is a warm harbor, which can cover the inevitable ups and downs in life; It is a pool of clear water, which can wash away complicated things and return to a quiet mind; It is that wisp of love that penetrates every corner of life... Home is quiet, home is warm, home is sweet, and home is stable. She may not be gorgeous, but she must be elegant. She may not be rich, but she must be filled with love and affection. A thoughtful word is a thick family affection and a thick giving

how can formaldehyde infect such a beautiful home? The pollution of home decoration is stronger than that of tigers, which makes it the most difficult to avoid in our daily life to some extent. Pollution in decoration materials and furniture are the culprits of indoor air pollution. Among all kinds of air pollution, formaldehyde is the most serious

fine wood craftsman health board adheres to the business philosophy of "fine wood, craftsman, ecological your home", and is committed to creating an aldehyde free ecological home for the majority of consumers. After years of exploration and research and development, we have successfully developed a healthy board beneficial to home decoration - net aldehyde ecological board

refined wood craftsman net aldehyde ecological board is a functional board that can remove aldehyde and resist bacteria. On the basis of meeting the E0 standard, using the patented aldehyde antibacterial technology developed by CEIBS, nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent is implanted into the surface of impregnated paper, so that it has the function of absorbing and decomposing free formaldehyde in the indoor air and has the function of antibacterial

under the principle of "focusing on quality and environmental protection", the fine craftsman health plate not only inherits the powerful advantages of the top of environmental protection plate technology, but also strives for perfection in health care. While pursuing the professional innovation of products, fine craftsman people always pay attention to the quality of people's home life. Refined craftsman formaldehyde purifying antibacterial board can purify formaldehyde in your home and protect your health and your family! Eco home starts with choosing the refined wood craftsman's net aldehyde antibacterial board

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