The wonder of 81 flat decorated duplex building

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I have been discussing the standard house type with you, and many netizens are certainly interested in duplex buildings! Today, I want to share a group of decoration renderings of 81 square meters small duplex houses. The decoration style is relatively simple and fashionable. Many decoration companies are also responsible for this type of case. Where is the duplex building in particular? Let's see its wonders with me

the moment the porch opens, I feel that the corridor is very long, the field of vision is relatively large, and the wooden decoration is very beautiful.

the moment the living room opens the door, I feel very good and spacious, with a whole floor to ceiling window, gray walls and bright yellow pillows form a bright contrast. Do you have a bright feeling in front of you. On the whole, it is very warm and comfortable, and has a strong sense of home

the area under the stairs = square is designed as a kitchen, which makes full use of the indoor space. It is simple and compact, which can meet the needs of the kitchen, and the refrigerator is also put in. It's not bad to make a small bar partition between the sofa in the living room and the kitchen

the overall style is very warm and comfortable, which is very good, and the feeling of looking down downstairs is also very good

bedroom, log colored bedside wall, matching with taro purple wall is a good match. The decoration in the room is simple and comfortable, very warm

the overall style is that kind of very comfortable feeling, and the duplex can also be so foreign, so Xiaobian has to admire the designer's ability again, awesome! The above is the renderings about duplex arranged by Xiaobian for you. Thank you for browsing

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