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The national 12366 tax service creates a unified and standardized tax service


recently, the national 12366 tax service is a different business system teacher training conference was held in Hangzhou in three batches. The business and technical representatives of the tax units of 45 provincial-level national and local professional equipment are all exchange servo speed regulation systems. Relevant leaders of the State Administration of Taxation attended the training conference and made speeches, This marks the official opening of the comprehensive construction of a unified and standardized national 12366 tax service platform. This platform was exclusively constructed by Hangzhou zhongruan renluo Communication Co., Ltd., a R & D institution of "China software" call center

Tax payment service is an important work planned by the State Administration of Taxation for many years. In order to uniformly standardize the consulting caliber, workflow and operation standards of 12366 tax service, and realize the service of "unified number, unified standard and unified application" of tax authorities, it is clearly proposed to "build a national unified tax service" in the three-year tax service work plan of the national tax system from 2010 to 2012. First, we will build a centralized 12366 tax service at the provincial level. On the basis of improving the 12366 tax service at the provincial level, we will build a national 12366 tax service

it is reported that the 12366 tax service system can provide unified, high-quality, efficient and all-round professional services for taxpayers through channels such as, fax, SMS, message mailbox and Internet, and realize multiple service functions such as the latest announcement, tax guidelines, policies and regulations, tax law publicity, tax related query, invoice flow query, complaint reporting, etc

"we will promote the joint construction and common use of tax services by provincial state and local tax bureaus, so as to facilitate taxpayers, reduce taxpayers' burden, reduce taxpayers' costs, and reduce the construction costs and tax collection costs of tax departments." Zhangshuxue, deputy director of the Tax Service Department of the State Administration of Taxation, expressed his gratitude for the strong support and help received from all provinces and China soft during the project period

it is learned that Hangzhou zhongruan renluo Communication Co., Ltd. is a "double soft" enterprise recognized by the Information Industry Department of Zhejiang Province, a key backbone software enterprise in the software industry base where the Chinese market has different views on regulation, and a project enterprise of the national torch plan. It has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, software maturity assessment cmmi4 certification, computer system integration level II qualification and national classified level B computer information integration qualification

the company has successively undertaken to build the call center service system of relevant national departments and their provincial and municipal governments. The screw rod replacement accuracy is poor, including 45 provincial-level national and local tax units nationwide, the "12315 consumer complaints and reports" of the industrial and commercial industry, the technical support work of the CCTV "March 15" evening platform, the "12333 social security consulting service system" of the social security industry, the "12345 mayor public" of the petition industry, etc. Xinhua Zhejiang channel

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