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The trio of "low, small and scattered" enterprises' wooden door production pollution in Nanxun should not be ignored

in August 2017, an environmental protection battle was launched by the central environmental protection supervision working group and came to all regions of the country. During the one month inspection of environmental protection law enforcement, the circle of friends, the Internet and the group are all information about shutdown and seizure. In the wooden door industry in Nanxun, this environmental war is also slowly unfolding

Nanxun district recently launched a special campaign to combat environmental pollution in the wood industry, effectively complementing the "low, small, scattered, disorderly and dirty" shortcomings of the wood industry through heavy remediation, further standardizing the legal and orderly production of wood enterprises and forcing the transformation and upgrading of the wood industry, Comprehensively improve the overall environmental quality of the region. At present, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, together with the towns (development zones), has carried out investigation on more than 3000 wood enterprises in the region, such as floors, lines, wooden doors, plates, etc

in accordance with the four step work arrangement of "overall investigation, comprehensive remediation, organization and acceptance, consolidation and improvement", and adhering to the principle of "closing down and eliminating one batch, integrating one batch into the park, and standardizing the promotion of one batch", all wood enterprises in the region, focusing on the classified remediation of enterprises that have not yet received domestic and production wastewater and that involve the discharge of organic waste gas, smoke, and sawdust pollutants, have been fully completed by the end of the year

it is understood that the rectification work is divided into four stages: overall investigation, comprehensive rectification, assessment and acceptance, and consolidation and improvement. From the beginning of this month to the end of November this year, comprehensive renovation will begin. Before the end of this month, Nanxun region will stop production and cut off power for all enterprises that have been eliminated and shut down; The remediation and upgrading enterprises have formulated "one plant, one policy", and will implement shutdown and power outage remediation in the remediation stage until the remediation acceptance is passed

according to the person in charge of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Nanxun District, if the remediation enterprise still fails to rectify as required by the end of November this year, it will also implement the power outage and shutdown remediation. By the end of March next year, the leading group office of the special rectification action for environmental pollution in the wood industry of the district will take the lead to organize and carry out "looking back" on the rectification work and resolutely crack down on the resurgence. The district supervision office carries out performance evaluation on the rectification work and forms a supervision report. At the same time, all enterprises that have not passed the rectification and acceptance shall be closed; All enterprises that have passed the acceptance but fail to implement the specified standards shall be closed down; All other illegal enterprises found shall be closed

pollution trio of wood door production

as far as the wood door industry is concerned, its output of air pollutants mainly has three aspects: first, wood dust generated during wood processing; Second, formaldehyde and other harmful gases volatilized by adhesives; Third, the oil must be replaced with new hydraulic paint. Benzene, xylene and other harmful gases produced during the coating process. In fact, these three links have corresponding solutions. But why are many enterprises inevitably "named"? Let's analyze

1. Wood dust:

first of all, the domestic mainstream wood door enterprises will choose to use large-scale overall environmental protection equipment to recycle the wood dust generated during wood processing. However, in terms of the equipment of several large domestic environmental protection equipment manufacturers, such as Kelin environmental protection equipment and hotop Yansen environmental protection equipment, the price is often in the tens of millions, which is difficult for ordinary enterprises to choose. Moreover, the later maintenance, cleaning and repair costs of these equipment are also a large amount of expenses, which makes many small and medium-sized enterprises shy away from them and prefer to play the side of the policy with a fluke, Also unwilling to invest in environmental protection equipment. The national policy will not agree without equipment, and the equipment funds are not allowed, which is really difficult for small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises

2. Adhesive formaldehyde:

the second point is adhesive, which is one of the necessary materials for wood door production. The biggest pollution of adhesives is that formaldehyde and other harmful gases will be produced during hot pressing. Of course, adhesives can be good or bad. Most of the good glue is imported from Europe, and the price is much higher than that of domestic products, but it can well guarantee the adhesive effect, and is healthy and environmentally friendly. However, as a small and medium-sized wooden door enterprise, its brand premium ability is low, and it is bound to find ways to reduce costs. Therefore, it is inevitable to choose glue with low price and poor quality. With the development of the woodworking industry, many top adhesive enterprises have emerged in China in recent years, such as yongtenai woodworking adhesive at 6:30 a.m. on October 19. Their prices are also within the acceptable range of the enterprise. In such an extraordinary period, Nanxun wooden door enterprises may be much better than closing down their doors if they can spend more money to solve environmental problems

3. Volatile matter of paint thinner:

the third is paint. At present, the country fully advocates the use of water-based paint products. Compared with traditional oil-based paint, the thinner of water-based paint is water, which avoids the volatilization of harmful substances produced during the dilution of oil-based paint. However, water-based paint is a new type of paint after all. At present, the technology of major water-based paint brands at home and abroad is not mature, and there are still many problems. Most of the mining workers in line 1 of Ping mine had a monthly income of more than 5000 yuan, which shows that the later effect of the product is difficult to reach the level of oil-based paint, and can not meet the needs of consumers. Moreover, although water-based paint has solved the problem of air pollution, it has not taken into account the problem of water pollution. Will small and medium-sized enterprises spend money on a set of water pollution treatment equipment because of the compulsory application of water-based paint? Therefore, most wooden door enterprises still use the common combination of Pu topcoat and UV primer, which can also be said to be a compromise between environmental protection and paint effect

wooden door enterprises should rationally respond to this environmental protection spot check. Launched by the central environmental protection department and distributed to 31 provinces (cities/districts) across the country, it can be said that the law enforcement is strict, the intensity is strong, and the attitude is firm, which is the highest over the years. With the full implementation of the new environmental protection law, the bud supervision on relevant production enterprises will not be reduced in a short time. How should the wooden door enterprises in Nanxun respond

to sum up, wooden door enterprises do have many problems in the production environment, some controllable, some helpless. Nowadays, the trend of environmental protection has not stopped, causing a large number of wooden door enterprises to stop production and make rectification. Facing such a severe environmental situation, wooden door enterprises must make a rational response in time. First of all, the battle of environmental protection must be fought. Environmental protection benefits the country and the people. Wooden enterprises should correctly understand the current situation, not refuse the general trend of environmental protection, but should comply with the current situation

secondly, wooden door enterprises can start with themselves, change the development mode, implement environmental protection production, reduce the emission of polluting objects in the production process, and introduce and apply environmental protection production technology to strive to meet the requirements of environmental protection policies and survive the environmental storm. Finally, Mumen enterprises should integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chains, not only urge the upstream and downstream enterprises to develop in environmental protection and pass the environmental protection review, but also carry out effective transformation and integration in real time when the order of the industrial chain is disrupted, so as to ensure that the business order is back on track

under the severe crackdown on environmental protection, it is inevitable that the wooden door industry will be forced to reshuffle. Whether it can survive this environmental protection renovation action is not only a test of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but also the "consciousness" of the owner of the wooden door enterprise

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