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The national building coating new technology and new product exchange meeting will be held in Shenzhen. The national building coating new technology and new product exchange meeting will be held in Shenzhen. June 1, 2007. China coating information at present, China's building coatings are developing rapidly, and new technologies, new products and new processes are emerging, which will provide manufacturers with a better understanding of the new knowledge of the production and application of building coatings and promote the improvement of the application of building coatings in China. According to the needs of enterprises and individuals all over the country for learning and exchanging new products such as production technology, construction, process and raw materials of architectural coatings. The Technical Information Institute of building materials industry and the science popularization Working Committee of China Silicate Society will organize and hold the "2007 national building coating new technology, new product and new process (transfer) exchange conference" in Shenzhen from October 27 to 29, 2007. Well known experts at home and abroad will be invited to give reports, on-site consultation and guidance, so as to build a high-level technical exchange, information communication and strengthen cooperation for the industry, Seek greater opportunities for development

the main special reports and speeches of this conference include: the application status and development trend of architectural coatings in China; Market development trend of new products, new processes and related production technologies of high-quality environmental friendly waterborne resin coatings; Fireproof and waterproof coating: flat wall expansion fireproof coating, sand wall fireproof coating for steel structure; Nano composite coating, nano antibacterial waterborne coating; Production, application and market prospect of fluororesin and fluorocarbon coating; With the rising price of plastic chemical raw materials and the economic development, the research and development of sub functional materials such as air purification, antibacterial and anti mildew functional coatings; Application technology of new environmental protection and energy-saving coating in exterior wall and roof insulation; Production technology and application of fluorosilicone coatings in China; A number of new building coating products, new technology transfer and cooperation project exchanges

the meeting will mainly invite the general manager, chief engineer and technical director of the building coating production and construction enterprises, the development of new products by the building coating production enterprises, the production of building coatings by related enterprises and individuals, and the personnel from the construction, quality inspection, scientific research and other units when the tensile strength and elongation at break of the building coatings are tested. The conference will arrange the information release of new achievements, new technologies and new equipment. Small exhibitions will be attached at the entrance of the conference venue, and product publicity materials can be distributed at the venue. The conference will compile the conference proceedings. Innovative and practical papers are welcome. Papers are generally in the range of 3000 ~ 5000 words (6 pages), in word format, and submitted by e-mail. It is expected that there will be a large number of participants. In order to ensure the effect of the conference and promotion, participants need to register in advance, fill in the receipt, send an email or fax to the Secretariat to reserve the quota

those who are interested in participating in the "National Exchange Conference on new technologies, new products and new processes (transfer) of building waterproofing" can log on to learn more

meeting time: October 27th, 2007, all day, October 28th ~ 29th, 2007, meeting place: Industry and information of the people's Republic of China need to collect real-time data on working parameters or tribological characteristic parameters such as friction force, impact force, temperature, load, speed, wear rate, etc. in the experiment, the Ministry of chemistry, the national development and Reform Commission: Shenzhen New Dynasty Hotel (four-star hotel), No. 1052, Aiguo Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

transportation route: take the civil aviation bus to Hualian bus station at the airport and transfer to bus No. 104 at the opposite side. Take a taxi from the airport to xindynasty for 130 yuan, or take a civil aviation bus from the airport for 20 yuan to Xinghua Hotel, and then take a taxi to xindynasty for about 20 yuan, About 15 yuan by taxi from the railway station

contact address: room 226, North building, China Academy of building materials sciences, No. a, Guanzhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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