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The national 04 special achievements release the gratifying achievements of high-end CNC machine tools

Abstract: at the end of 2016, the S-shaped specimen standard independently proposed by China for testing the accuracy of five axis linkage machine tools has been approved by the International Standardization Committee, realizing a breakthrough in the "zero" standard in the field of high-end CNC machine tool testing

on June 26, 2017, the Ministry of science and technology, together with the Ministry of industry and information technology, organized and held a conference on the achievements of the national major science and technology project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" (hereinafter referred to as "CNC machine tool project" or "04 project"). The press conference was presided over by Xie min, a major special office of the general car department produced by science and technology in recent years. Luo Junjie, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology and academician lubingheng, chief technical engineer of the special project, introduced the achievements and applications of the special implementation of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are the "working machine" of industry. The development of high-end CNC machine tools is not only an objective need for the supply side structural reform in the industry and information technology field and accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, but also an urgent requirement for realizing the in-depth development strategy of military civilian integration and ensuring national security. Over the past eight years since the special implementation of CNC machine tools, the majority of machine tool enterprises, user enterprises and experts have made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and achieved a number of gratifying results

according to deputy director luojunjie, from 2009 to 2016, 562 special topics were arranged for CNC machine tools, and the central government invested 9.114 billion yuan. A total of 3956 invention patents have been applied for, 407 national and industrial standards have been approved, 2951 new products and technologies have been developed, and the new output value is about 70.6 billion yuan

the level of high-end CNC machine tools has been continuously improved. The mean time between failures of machine hosts has generally increased from 400-500 hours before the implementation of the special project to 1200 hours, and some products have reached more than 2000 hours

the high-end CNC system breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, and the key functional components are matched in batches. The domestic market share has increased from less than 1% to about 5%

the high-end CNC machine tools represented by the five axis machining center have achieved batch demonstration applications in the fields of typical aircraft structural parts, aerospace complex and precision structural parts, components and parts of aircraft missile engines, and provided key manufacturing equipment for major national special projects and key projects such as large aircraft, new fighter aircraft, lunar exploration project, etc

manufacturing technologies such as gantry machining center and five axis machining center are becoming mature, the performance of heavy forging equipment is close to the international advanced level, and the precision horizontal machining center has formed the core technology of flexible manufacturing system with independent intellectual property rights

according to academician lubingheng, at the end of 2016, the S-shaped specimen standard independently proposed by China for testing the accuracy of five axis linkage machine tools has been approved by the International Standardization Committee, which has achieved a breakthrough of "zero" in the testing field of high-end CNC machine tools

regarding the future development, luojunjie said that the CNC machine tool project will deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, improve the capital chain around the innovation chain, comprehensively improve the R & D, manufacturing and industrialization level of key components represented by the CNC system, and strive to overcome the reliability and precision retention technology of machine tools; Increase application verification and demonstration, meet new national strategic needs, and provide support for the full implementation of made in China 2025. At the same time, we will continue to explore the long-term mechanism of industrial generic technology research, further consolidate the foundation of technology research and high-end talents, continue to strengthen the implementation of process validation in the manufacturing process of special research and development equipment and demonstration application in the user field, optimize product performance, and improve reliability, set-up process and intelligence. On the basis of the long-term cooperation mechanism that the general military industry can use machine tools after being broken, continue to promote the in-depth cooperation between domestic CNC machine tools and the military industry, and actively build a platform between the machine tool industry and the military industry, automobile, etc. 2 It is a production and demand docking platform in the key field of efficiency loss in the form of constant speed electromechanical and frequency converter. Machine tool enterprises and users jointly carry out pre research to provide users with complete sets of solutions including equipment and typical process schemes

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