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The National Bureau of statistics and experts feel the pulse of China's economy: regulation and control should be fine tuned in a timely manner Under the background of low domestic growth expectations and high inflationary pressure, we should promote reform, clarify control ideas, and pay attention to timely fine-tuning

at the "high level seminar on the pulse of China's economy" held here on the 5th, the experimental film was placed on the fulcrum platform and pressed from the top with an indenter. Officials of the National Bureau of statistics discussed the trend of China's economy with Chinese and foreign experts and scholars. They believed that under the background that the world economy has not yet bottomed out, domestic growth expectations have dropped and inflation pressure is high, reform should be promoted, regulation ideas should be clarified, and timely fine-tuning should be paid attention to, so as to solve the problems in progress

the China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center of the National Bureau of statistics, through a questionnaire survey of 100 Chinese economists, obtained the keynote report of "the economic growth expectation is lower and the inflation pressure is still large" in the second quarter. In this seminar and the theme activity of the 100th issue of China economic prosperity monthly, the participating experts basically agreed with the conclusions of the keynote report, but did not prescribe all the prescriptions. 14. The situation of avoiding faulty wiring is the same. Zhangxiaojing, a scholar of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the primary cause of inflation is demand, followed by cost, and external shocks are the third. Mao Yushi. Zhangshuguang, wangxiaolu and other experts suggested that the reform of the price management system should be promoted in a timely manner, with the focus on promoting the market-oriented reform of the price formation mechanism of important commodities such as grain, energy and raw materials, so as to reduce the distortions and adverse effects of cosmetics and wine packaging prices caused by direct government control

in addition, participating officials and experts also made in-depth discussions on the current status and characteristics of the current economic operation, the effectiveness of the government's macro-control, as well as hot issues such as changes in the international economic environment, inflation, RMB appreciation, changes in the balance of payments situation, and put forward suggestions on further improving the macro-control policies

xiehongguang, deputy director of the National Bureau of statistics, said that the National Bureau of statistics would listen to the opinions and suggestions of experts, as always, strengthen the function of government statistics in serving the society and provide better statistical information services. Relevant personnel must inspect different structures and parts of the fatigue testing machine

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