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In 2007, the revenue of narrow format inkjet printing will reach US $43billion

which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for materials. According to the survey results of I. T. strategies, the retail revenue of global narrow format inkjet printers (less than 24 inches) in 2002 totaled US $29billion, including hardware, ink and printing materials. It is estimated that by 2007, the global retail revenue will reach 43billion US dollars. At present, ink is the Department with the highest income. In the future, it will reach 50% of the overall market (US $14billion) in 2002, and will still maintain the highest market share in the future. By 2007, it will reach 56% of the market share (about US $24billion). The market share of printing materials will increase from 12% in 2002 (US $3.6 billion) to 15% in 2007 (US $6.3 billion pressure testing machine as proved by practice). Affected by the declining price, the hardware revenue will decrease from 38% (US $10.7 billion) of the market share in 2002 to 29% (about US $12.5 billion) in 2007. It is predicted that the installation of global narrow format inkjet printers (including single function and multi-function) will show a positive development trend, increasing from 144million in 2002 to 192million in 2007. Although 80% of the total number of global installations are predicted to be single function narrow format inkjet printers, the growth of this part of hardware mainly comes from multi-functional devices. According to Marco Boer, consulting partner of I. T. strategies, the profit mainly comes from multi-functional equipment, and the overall forecast revenue (including hardware, ink and substrate materials) of this part will be 35% higher than that of single function inkjet printers. At present, customers are more and more inclined to buy multifunctional all-in-one machines with color printing, copying and fax functions

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