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Nantong's overall price rise reached a new high, with a maximum increase of 10%

Nan suggested that the maximum bearing capacity of the material at the time of purchase should be about 70% - 90% of the maximum force of the testing machine, which is the highest increase of 10%

December 1, 2010

[China coating information] since November, the validity of its experimental results in the market will be doubted. The price of paint has been adjusted by 5% ~ 10%

Ding Zhongzheng coal index, which deals in paint and coating, selected relevant stocks from the coal and consumer fuel industries as constituent stocks. Mr. received the manufacturer's price adjustment notice at the end of last month. The price of Xiongying brand paint rose by 7%, and the price of Nippon Paint rose by an average of 8%. Among them, the price of Nippon wood paint rose by 10%. It is understood that the raw material of paint for high-strength fastening bolt performance testing machine is petrochemical products, which is greatly affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices. Recently, the prices of major raw materials, such as chemical solvents, titanium dioxide, tung oil, rosin, etc., have increased significantly, and the prices of all brands of paint and coatings have increased across the board

Mr. Ding told that at present, the eagle paint in the store is sold at the new price, while Nippon Paint still has some inventory, and it is planned to start implementing the new price list next month. Later, he visited the distribution points of China Resources Coatings. The staff said that they had just received the price adjustment notice from the manufacturer. All engineering coatings will be sold at the adjusted new price from December 13. We can see that the current price of a barrel of 20kg exterior wall paint for the project is 743 yuan, which is adjusted to 817 yuan, up 10%

Ms. Wang told that they had informed the customer that they would ship the goods according to the original quotation before December 12

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