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Hongsheng Xingye set sail against the trend: enter the rotary drilling rig leasing market

Hongsheng Xingye set sail against the trend: enter the rotary drilling material technology can be said to be everywhere in the drilling rig leasing market

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with the rise of equipment ownership in the construction machinery market, the competition among construction enterprises is intensifying day by day, and the construction machinery leasing can not only reduce the financial pressure of construction enterprises, Moreover, it can improve the utilization rate of idle machinery and equipment in the market, and the market-oriented allocation of construction machinery resources has become an inevitable trend

Shenzhen 2. Hongsheng Xingye Investment Co., Ltd., which often uses nano materials, is seizing this market opportunity to enter the rotary drilling rig leasing market on a large scale. With complete equipment, professional teams, outstanding technology, strict management and the principle of honest service, it has emerged in many regions of the country and has become one of the most professional basic construction equipment leasing companies in China

Shenzhen Hongsheng Xingye Investment Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept of taking customers as the center, winning customers with service and creating value with service. From the beginning of its establishment, it began to build its core competitiveness with high specifications - to establish a leasing company with the most complete varieties and models and the largest scale, and recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zoomlion to purchase 50 rotary drilling rigs, Such a large-scale operation aims to cover the construction capacity of all domestic basic projects. The company now has more than 60 rotary drilling rigs of all models of Zoomlion from zr220 series to zr420 series, as well as foundation construction equipment such as underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab and underground diaphragm wall double wheel slot milling machine. So far, it has participated in and completed many major construction projects

in addition to the strengthening of hard power, Shenzhen Hongsheng Xingye Investment Co., Ltd. also pays great attention to the layout of soft power to solve customers' worries: on one side, there will be a demand for functional, lightweight, miniaturized and green new materials; In view of this kind of situation, there are nearly 100 experienced and technically comprehensive equipment operators, which can not only ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, but also timely and accurately eliminate common faults. In addition, their own perfect parts supply and after-sales service team provide a safe and efficient guarantee for customer construction. On the other hand, the company has set up market points and bases in South China, central China and southwest China, with a total of more than 10

the current situation of macroeconomic downturn does not limit the vision of Shenzhen Hongsheng Xingye Investment Co., Ltd. for development. The company said that it will uphold the corporate vision of "China's leader in basic construction machinery and equipment leasing", take "user value creator" as its own responsibility, and hope to accompany customers to grow and develop. While the rotary drilling rig leasing industry has gradually stepped into a benign track, the company will fully integrate advantageous resources, differentiated competition, and refined management to build the company into a professional infrastructure equipment lessee with the most complete product series, the largest scale, and the best service in China

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