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Which is better to compare Philips ac3252 and ac3256? Differences and user comments advantages and disadvantages

Philips hot two air purifiers are recommended: Philips ac325 towards jing10 West Road/2 Huannan road direction 2 and ac3256. Which is the better one and what is the difference? For example, there are many ways to express the wear test results. Collect the latest evaluation on Philips ac3252 and ac3256, and compare the configuration parameters. I hope it can help friends who need it for reference and comparison

I. comparison of user comments between Philips ac3252 and ac3256:

1. Philips ac3252 comments: the air in my house is red just after the purifier is turned on, and it will turn purple after running for a while. Now it's blue The sound is very low. If you turn it on at night, you can turn off the light, and the temperature and humidity can be adjusted in several gears, which is very useful and cost-effective After using Philips ac3252 for a month, I feel

2. Comments on Philips ac3256: the touch screen is very sensitive. I'll tell you what time it starts at a touch. It has been in use for three days since it arrived. There is no big noise at level 2, and the sound at level 4 is a little loud. When the air conditioner is turned on, it has always been red. I suspect that the air from my air conditioner is not clean. If you don't blow the air conditioner, it's the color of the picture. At present, I haven't found any quality problems Turn to the latest Philips ac3256. How do you feel about using it?

II. Comparison of configuration parameters between Philips ac3252 and ac3256:

1. Configuration parameters of Philips ac3252:

Product Name: philips/Philips ac3252

Philips ac3252 and ac3256 are not very different from user comments and configuration parameters. The performance and appearance are the same. You can choose according to your own needs

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