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Hongrun company has won six national key scientific and technological projects, including the national torch plan and national key new products. Scientific and technological innovation has become the technological core and industrial engine of enterprise development. As a national strategic emerging industry, Hongrun company has accelerated the industrialization and scope utilization of new material technological achievements. This material has more performance advantages. Hongrun company has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the booster of the enterprise and constantly promoted the development and progress of the enterprise. Since the establishment of the company, six science and technology projects have been supported by national key science and technology projects: the national torch plan project, the national key new product project, the national innovation fund project, the national key industry revitalization project, and Jinan Shijin's production of experimental machines in the industry, which has been the national special fund project for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the national service industry guidance fund project for many years. Through the implementation of national key science and technology projects, Hongrun company has achieved major key technologies for its products. Minhou has actively carried out enterprise energy conservation, consumption reduction and efficiency increase activities, made continuous breakthroughs, and continuously improved the technical level and market competitiveness of its products, promoted the adjustment of product structure, and cultivated a number of scientific and technological talents and key new products. At the same time, relying on the implementation of national key science and technology projects, we have concentrated scientific and technological resources to the greatest extent, and constantly carried out research on key technical problems in key areas, achieving a good effect of key breakthroughs and driving overall development

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