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Hongtuo technology newly launched the first Intel Atom 3.5-inch embedded motherboard

Hongtuo technology newly launched the first Intel Atom 8482; Hoto-k2030

Hongtuo company continues to be committed to developing and innovating industrial computers, touch screens, and touch tablet products, and to provide the best solutions for embedded computing platforms. A few days ago, hoto-k2030, an embedded computer motherboard with ultra-low power consumption and 3.5-inch specification, was newly launched, using Intel Atom 8482; N270 processor + Intel 945gse+ ICH 7m's navy pier three chip solution. The chipset of Intel 945gse+ ich7m provides much higher performance than other low-power solutions of Intel. High performance Intel Atom 8482; Fanless low-power platform, a new generation of hardware application environment, can provide a highly integrated working platform for system integrators and OEM customers, providing excellent computing efficiency and low power consumption. Hoto-k2300 is suitable for applications with special space constraints, fan free operation, low power consumption and diversified input/output interface requirements, such as on-board computers, electronic police systems, industrial automation and hand-held devices

hoto-k2300 is equipped with Intel Atom 8482; N270, a 45nm process with power consumption of only 2.5W, and a main frequency of 1.6 GHz processor, supports 533 MHz external frequency (FSB) rate. Its size is 102mm x 147mm. It integrates Intel image media accelerator 950 core, is compatible with Windows Vista premium and chrontel ch7307 DVI accelerator, and supports VGA and CRT display interface display chip technology. In addition, Intel Atom #8482; The processor can support sse3 instruction set, hyper threading technology to build and strengthen the chain, Intel virtualization technology, and low power consumption, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency for the application fields such as multimedia and game industry

in addition, hoto-k2030 provides diversified input/output interfaces, including 4 serial ports, 3 × RS232 interface, 1 × R422 485 interface, 4 groups of USB 2.0 ports, 2 groups of high-speed Ethernet ports, ide/SATA hard disk interface, CF card storage interface, HD audio and video devices. In addition, it can also support CRT and 24 bit LCD display functions, a group of up to 1GB DDR2 pc/4200 sodimm system memory sockets, and is solely responsible for the amplifier range conversion, data collection, data transmission, universal experimental machine mode selection and LCD +5v DC power supply of the whole machine

main product features

· equipped with ultra-low power Intel Atom 8482; N270 1.6GHz processor, supporting 533MHz FSB

· integrated chipset with built-in low-power Intel 945gse+ ich7m

· supporting a set of 1ddr2 sodimm socket system memory sockets up to 1GB

· equipped with CRT and LVDS LCD display functions

· supporting 4 sets of serial ports and 4 sets of USB 2.0 ports

· equipped with 2 sets of SATA hard disk interfaces A group of high-speed Ethernet ports

· support single +12v DC power input

hoto-k2300 is about to provide shipping services, and has fully introduced lead-free process (RoHS), which meets the green environmental protection requirements of rigorous process and high standard quality management; If you need more product information and any technical support, please refer to Hangzhou Hongtuo Technology Co., Ltd. or write to zhangaip@, or call Hangzhou Hongtuo Technology Co., Ltd. to obtain exclusive and more efficient services. In addition, Hongtuo can provide comprehensive customized services. Manufacturers interested in odm/oem are welcome to contact us to jointly create a brilliant future

About Hongtuo

Hangzhou Hongtuo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the West Lake District of Hangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and sales of embedded industrial control computers, embedded motherboards, industrial control computers, LCD LCD screens, touch screens, inflection points and inflection points of the change in the growth rate. According to the acquisition module, it is a beautiful and functional embedded industrial control product R & D, production, marketing and service

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