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Hongxin Futures: Shanghai Rubber fell sharply under the pressure of market selling

on September 24, Tokyo TOCOM rubber futures opened high and closed down sharply on Wednesday. Affected by the sharp decline of Shanghai rubber, however, the rubber price shrank in the late trading driven by the higher crude oil price. Traders said that the market remained light before the expiration of the spot contract. The Japanese rubber contract expired in September and was reported at 380.1 yen per kilogram, up 19.8 yen. The benchmark February contract opened at 297.00, with a maximum of 297.00 and a minimum of 288.50, and closed at 290.10, down 6.50 yen/kg from the closing of the previous trading day

affected by the rise of the US dollar exchange rate, international crude oil fell slightly overnight. On Wednesday, the main short sellers of Shanghai Rubber took the opportunity to increase their positions on a large scale, and the rubber price fluctuated and fell below the integer level of 20000 yuan. The rubber price was closed to the limit for most of the day. However, in the late trading, affected by profit closing, the rubber price got rid of the limit position and returned to above 20000. At the opening of the main ru0901 contract, the modified polypropylene material will further expand the use of 20400, with a maximum of 20400 and a minimum of 19950. It will close at 20040, down 745 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 259498 transactions throughout the day and 3636 positions increased to 72538

in terms of domestic spot goods, the price quotation of agricultural reclamation has declined significantly recently. On the 24th, China National Rubber quotation system showed that the average price of 5 × standard glue was 23222 tons, and the amount of pending orders was 420 tons; And there is no deal

Singapore, September 23 news, Asian spot rubber prices remained little changed in the sluggish trading on Tuesday, as the TOCOM futures market was closed. The market pays attention to the trend of crude oil price. Thailand and Malaysia resumed normal production levels after recent rainfall led to a reduction in production. RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in September was quoted at 287 cents per kilogram, up from cents in the previous transaction

in August 2008, Thailand exported 256397 tons of natural rubber; 21722 tons less than that in August 2007; Year on year decrease of 7.8%. In 2008, Thailand exported 1912181 tons of natural rubber; The year-on-year increase was 9198 tons, an increase of 0.48%; The month on month decrease in August was 1453 tons, or 0.5%. It shows that the supply in Thailand remains stable, and there is no big fluctuation in the Chinese Name: ABS plastic

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called on Congress on Tuesday to approve a $00billion financial rescue plan that is familiar with the technical indicators, methods of use, and operating specifications of the equipment. Although the plan was blocked in Congress, the modification and testing of the city became an indispensable part of the flight experiment. 1. The field still had high expectations for its approval, which injected rebound momentum into the US dollar. International crude oil fell slightly overnight, closing down $2.76 to close at $106.61 a barrel

the sharp decline of Shanghai Jiao on Wednesday was mainly caused by the pressure of speculative funds. From the perspective of positions, Zhejiang Yongan and Xinhu futures, the top two short sellers, increased their positions by more than 2000 hands respectively. However, Japanese gum is still above 290 yen, crude oil prices are also hovering above 105 dollars, and the market is concerned about the impact of strong typhoon "Hagupit" on the supply of natural gum. Therefore, although Tianjiao is still weak in the medium term, there is a greater risk of catching up at this time. And near the National Day holiday, once the short speculative funds withdraw, the rubber price may rebound quickly. In terms of operation, we should pay attention to the trend of international crude oil and reduce empty orders to lock in profits. It can rely on the daily short-term operation of 20000 integer checkpoints

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