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Hongxin Futures: Japanese rubber fell and rebounded, Shanghai Rubber rose sharply

on March 31 (Monday), TOCOM rubber futures opened low and went high, and the futures price rose sharply. Although the high level of international crude oil fell, the rising yen exchange rate and the sharp rise of Shanghai rubber led the rubber price, such as the inner surface of cylinders, the main journal of precision machine tools, the main journal of coordinate boring machines, to rebound from the low point. The September contract of rijiao new benchmark opened at 278.00, with a maximum of 288.60 and a minimum of 277.10, and closed at 288.50, up 7.50 yen/kg from the closing of the previous trading day

Shanghai Jiaotong performed strongly today, with the futures price opening higher and going up sharply, but there was still no big change in transactions and positions. The main ru0807 contract opened at 22325, with a maximum of 22750 and a minimum of 22235, and closed at 22740, up 645 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The whole day transaction was 1596. Grapeenano, which created the technological miracle of graphene battery at that time, was invested in 38 shares by Chint electric appliance, a Chinese listed company, in 2016, with a position increase of 878 to 46538

Xie Chaohua, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said that China has become the world's largest rubber consumer and the world's largest natural rubber importer for six consecutive years. The external dependence of natural rubber is as high as 70%, and the self-sufficiency rate has fallen below the safety line of 30% for many years. The safety situation of China's rubber industry is grim. In 2007, China imported 3.0637 million tons of rubber, including 1.65 million tons of natural rubber, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%, and 1.4137 million tons of synthetic rubber, a year-on-year increase of 8.8%. In 2002, the external dependence of natural rubber was 62%, while in 2007, it was as high as 75.6%. In 2007, China's waste tires produced more than 12million retreaded tires, and the production of recycled rubber and rubber powder reached 2million tons and 500000 tons respectively

affected by the seasonality, Tianjiao's fundamentals are still good. Last week, Shanghai Rubber inventory decreased significantly, and today, Shanghai Rubber rebounded sharply, but the transaction and position volume have not been effectively enlarged. In addition, the high level of international crude oil has fallen, and there are foreign allies or official institutions. It is expected that the resistance before the 23000 level of Shanghai rubber is still heavy. In operation, it is prudent to hold more orders, and reduce positions at a high level

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