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Hongge technology products won two awards of "Taiwan boutique Award"

Hongge technology won the affirmation of the 17th Taiwan boutique award when it entered the competition for the first time. The winning products are two automatic controllers developed by Hongge itself -g-4500 and wp-8841. The selection activity of "Taiwan boutique Award" takes "R & D innovation, design innovation, quality system, marketing and brand awareness" as the five index scoring standard. Hongge technology was brilliant when it first entered the competition in 2009, and won the honor of Taiwan boutique Award for two key products in a row

g-4500 series is a robust and small M2M (machinetomachine) embedded programmable controller. Combined with the control function of PAC and the communication interface required for different environments, it is an excellent solution for remote equipment automation management. The g-4500 series is equipped with gprs/gsm, Ethernet, GPS and rs-232/485 communication ports. For mobile objects or devices set in remote areas, users can choose to return the monitored data in the form of GPRS TCP/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP packets or SMS SMS SMS. Compared with traditional solutions, it can save resources and time. G-4500 can be widely used in various environments, such as fixed remote equipment management, water quality/embankment monitoring, automatic vending machine operation report, automatic measurement of power metering instruments, and management of ships and vehicle mounted mobile terminals. It is more convenient and fast in many applications and development

winpac-8841 is the second generation programmable automation controller introduced by Hongge. According to the market demand, the built-in wind flame retardant PP can not only meet the basic performance and flame retardancy of the air conditioning shell, our city insists on taking innovation as the source of vitality and accelerator energy requirements for the development of the aluminum industry, but also the 5.0 operating system, which is not only simplified and fast to read, but also supports evc++ and other programming and SCADA graphic control software. It is equipped with eight slots, which can easily hot plug any expansion module when the machine is turned on, and can expand up to eight modules; In addition, there is dual power input backup to ensure the reliability of the data transmission process. In order to facilitate customers' use, the device has two Ethernet ports, rs-232/485, USB interfaces, and microSD slots that can be expanded to 1GB at most. More optimized designs have been added to the configuration of the previous generation of PAC products

Huang Guocheng, vice president of Hongge technology, said: "I'm glad to be able to win two Taiwan boutique awards this time with Hongge's main product PAC. Especially when PLC or PCbased controllers are still widely used in the industrial control industry, Hongge took the lead in promoting the concept of PAC in Asia, and won this honor with PAC, which proves that the judges affirm Hongge's long-term efforts to promote PAC. In the future, Hongge will, as its original intention, devote itself to innovative research and development, and provide integrated and competitive automation products in an all-round way."

founded in 1993, Hongge technology has always made "R & D and innovation" the top priority of the company, and has marketed the world with its own brand icpdas. So far, it has continuously won excellent evaluation and R & D medals in various professional international media, and won the Asia Forbes ranking as the top 200 Best Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific region in 2008, which proves that Hongge's strong R & D strength cannot be underestimated. This year, Hongge is expected to launch a number of newly developed automation products, such as a number of automation controllers with different functions and various i/o modules

about Hongge

Hongge Technology (icpdas) was founded in 1993 by Mr. Chen Ruiyu, a senior R & D Engineer at Taiwan Industrial Research Institute. It has been focusing on the R & D of automation hardware and software products. At present, it has established a complete industrial automation solution and perfect after-sales service

Hongge's product line includes analog i/o, switching i/o, counter/frequency, motion control and other boards based on PC bus; Distributed i/o modules (I-7000, m-7000, fr-2000, et-6000, i-87k... And other series); Micro programmable automatic controller- μ PAC (i-7188/7186) series; Universal programmable controller has different fatigue analysis methods according to different fatigue failure situations -ipac-8000 series; Programmable automation controller based on windowsce/linux WINPAC and linpac series; Signal conditioning module sg-3000 series, etc

Hongge technology is headquartered in Hsinchu Industrial Zone, Taiwan, and its global branches are located in Los Angeles, Germany, Stuttgart, and Shanghai. The R & D centers are located in Taipei Hsintien, Taipei Banqiao, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. With more than 100 R & D engineers, Hongge technology is currently the largest R & D investment company in Taiwan

Hongge Technology China branch was established in 2003 and is located in Jing'an District, Shanghai. Offices are set up in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Jinan and Qingdao to provide Chinese users with market operation, customer service, maintenance, technical support, product training, logistics distribution, etc

Hongge technology has built a comprehensive and efficient sales and support network in China. At present, there are nearly 40 contracted dealers in China, and the technical maintenance service center in Beijing has provided solid guarantee and good consulting services for users to use Hongge products; The technical training center in Wuhan is also providing the most advanced professional consulting and perfect automation solutions for Chinese users

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