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Hongling has become an environmental protection analysis instrument achievement transformation center in the field of water quality monitoring. The planar light wave chip technology monopolized by Japanese enterprises has realized its own intellectual property research and development here under the leadership of the professor team of Southeast University; Professor Hong Lingcheng of Hehai University "went to the sea" to start a business, where he developed internationally advanced environmental protection analysis instruments... In Jiangning Dongshan science and Technology Innovation Park, a group of professors who came to many colleges and universities in our city in accordance with the overall deployment of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries transformed the scientific research achievements originally hidden in the laboratory into scientific and technological products. Recently, I came here to see how university professors and scientific research experts can achieve entrepreneurship and innovation here

Hong Lingcheng is an expert in the field of water quality monitoring. In the science and Technology Innovation Park, his identity is the boss of Jiangsu Delin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. a group of graduate students from Hehai University and Harbin Normal University are dealing with all kinds of "water" under the leadership of Professor Hong

in Hong Lingcheng's laboratory, an instrument similar to a water dispenser is constantly analyzing data from a bucket mixed with yellow sand, silt and black water. "This is the water sample collection system, the black and smelly water of the urban sewage system, the waste water discharged from the industrial sewage outlet, and the water of rivers, lakes and seas. Such a system can be installed to pick up the water sample quality and supervise whether the enterprise sewage discharge meets the standard." Hong Lingcheng introduced while fiddling with various experimental vessels

in the past, Professor Hong's research place was in the laboratory of Hehai University. But now, in the "government, industry, University and research" platform of Dongshan science and Technology Innovation Park, he has a complete set of equipment from research and development to production. The 2011 model released by the provincial environmental protection department is mainly aimed at the tensile strength testing of materials with a length of 300mm, a diameter of ≤ 12mm, and a diameter of ≥ 15mm. In the evaluation results of the Jiangsu environmental protection science and technology award, Professor Hong Lingcheng's team won the first prize for the "flow injection chemical oxygen demand automatic monitoring technology achievement transformation" project

"here we have achieved the perfect combination of production, learning and research." Hong Lingcheng said. Downstairs of the laboratory is the production workshop, and the results are directly transformed into products

not far from Professor Hong's research and development laboratory, the photon integration technology of Huamai Technology Co., Ltd. can choose to display boxes horizontally or vertically; In the Cheng R & D center, the R & D team led by sunxiaohan, a professor of Southeast University, is conducting the final inspection of the planar light wave PLC chip that has applied for a national patent. Technical personnel Ye Xiaoguo put a light wave chip that is not much different from ordinary electronic chips into a machine size instrument, "this instrument can make all users in a building realize optical fiber."

the technology hidden in the chip was realized by a group of experts led by sunxiaohan of Southeast University in Dongshan science and Technology Innovation Park, which achieved a zero breakthrough in the field of photonic chip research in China. "Generally speaking, this chip can divide light into 64 different light waves, enabling 64 families to pass through this small box. In the future, we can also realize 128 residents to go on at the same time." Ye Xiaoguo said that in the past, this technology was monopolized by Japanese enterprises

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