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Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a full-automatic vertical and horizontal paper cutter

according to the needs of the packaging market in recent years, Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured zhq-600 full-automatic vertical and horizontal paper cutter by combining domestic and foreign Bong technology, which was recently put on the market, filling the gap that Jiangyin region cannot produce high-precision vertical and horizontal paper cutters

Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a history of producing various mechanical equipment for more than 20 years. In view of the weakness of manual paper cutting in the packaging industry, such as slow speed, low output, poor quality, large amount of waste products and inability to produce on a large scale, general manager Tao Pinlin personally led technicians to inspect the market, made careful research, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, and the electrical equipment is equipped with computers, multimedia touch screens, and The equipment of plastic granulator such as frequency converter and stepping driver pollutes the environment very seriously. In the process, double frequency conversion synchronous speed regulation and double stepping are used to determine the detection equipment position and photoelectric tracking of the problems that cannot be neglected on the automobile side. In the operation, hydraulic jacking is used, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The longitudinal and transverse cutting adopts pneumatic jacking, and the pressure is pre adjusted according to the different thickness of the paper, which is easy to operate. In particular, the machine has a unique error self-test function. When the vertical and horizontal cutting has defects due to film extension or semi-finished products, the machine will automatically stop running and display the fault location and cause on the Chinese display screen, so as to help users quickly eliminate the fault, resume operation and establish the first (set) demonstration project line, greatly reduce the production of waste products and improve the economic benefits of users

this equipment is mainly suitable for high-precision vertical and horizontal automatic slitting of Web printed matter, which can be tracked and slitted according to the cutting line designed by the user, effectively saving the residual paper between the two products and directly reducing the production cost. The host price is only one third of that of similar imported machines. Since it was put into the market, 25 sets have been sold to Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shandong, Anhui and other provincial markets, with an output value of more than 3 million yuan. Anhui yingjiuye color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. purchases two sets at a time and plans to purchase another four sets to expand production and improve production efficiency. (GE Wei) packaging world

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