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Which is the right choice for abasso dx160 or DX300? Here is the experience introduction or may help you

1. The sound quality is the best player I have ever heard. The more I listen, the more I love it. Portability: it looks a little big, but it's not heavy at all. Endurance capacity in the delivery of new aircraft worldwide: good

2. The overall workmanship of the machine is much better than that of the previous generation, and the control is slightly weaker. The screen is the best in the current player, and the battery life is slightly poor. The sound is amp1mkii, and I am also relatively satisfied with it. The overall completion degree is relatively high

3. W60 earplugs, previously used dx90, always feel stuffy. Low frequency lacks a little heat, and your ears will be a little tired after listening for a long time. After replacing DX300, PPG supplies all kinds of high-quality glass fiber products, and the sound field density, details and low frequency are significantly improved. W60 was originally a plug without any characteristics. Now it is more durable to listen, and it won't be tired to listen anyway. Finally, I can listen to music in peace of mind, and don't bother. The service attitude of the store was particularly good

4. With several headphones and big ears, the effect is good. The increase must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff. The benefit score is low, medium and high. It can basically adapt to all kinds of earplugs and big ears that are not difficult to push. It can also have a good performance when connected to hd800s. It can be said that the DX300 is worth more this time. I hope the sound of subsequent boiling will be more surprising, such as the extrusion processing of glass fiber reinforcement, magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics and other materials. I also hope that there will be a more awesome earphone module to follow up and launch

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