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Linshu Leihua Plastic Weaving Co., Ltd. is Shandong Cai, so this is a rising star in the printing and packaging industry that will seize the future if only the rise and fall will not work. It is located in Linshu County, Yimeng old area, Southeast Shandong Province

Based on the enterprise tenet of "survive by quality, develop by reputation and benefit from management", Leihua Plastic Weaving Co., Ltd. implements the boutique strategy of "based on Linshu, facing the world, excellent quality and unique"; Create a business operation pattern of "focusing on the market and turning around users as the market changes"; In particular, two in one plastic woven bags, three in one cement bags, container bags, ordinary woven bags, lined bags and micro fertilizer bags have received the attention of industry experts and widespread praise from the society. With advanced production equipment and strong technical force, the company has domestic advanced color gravure printing machines, relief offset printing machines, high-end coating machines and computer automatic control systems. The annual production capacity can reach 80million pieces. At the same time, it designs color and ordinary samples for users free of charge, and makes all kinds of electric engravings, ordinary offset plates, etc. The company regards product quality as the life of the enterprise and takes high-quality service as the criterion of employees

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