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In recent years, SaaS has set off an upsurge in China, with more and more enterprises gradually spreading from the 2C market to the 2B market. As a hot area of the SaaS market, cloud customer service may grow to a scale of 10 billion in the next year. In a market environment with fierce competition, how can enterprises break through difficulties and achieve winning heights? Moreover, the customer service demand of users has gradually developed from the purpose-oriented customer service demand to the scenario based customer service demand. In the future, customer service enterprises will tend to develop on a platform. Starting from the basic demands of these enterprises, the technological precipitation and capability innovation of cloud customer service manufacturers will become the decisive factors. With the introduction of intelligent robot technology, cloud customer service has entered an intelligent era, and the report introduces the VOC test methods (odor, atomization, aldehyde ketone, total carbon, vda278, micro cabin) and the problems encountered in detail. Recently, Jiaxin customer service introduced face recognition technology, which has pushed the customer service industry to a new high point and become the first cloud customer service manufacturer in China to realize Omni channel + intelligent robot + face recognition

with the development of face recognition technology, the potential value of face recognition in the financial field will be continuously explored and improved. It has a wide range of applications in ensuring service security, saving customer time, improving customer experience, integrating and mining data resources, etc. From the perspective of customers, face recognition technology is directly applied to customer service, which can solve the most urgent needs of customers, give customers the most intuitive service experience, and help to quickly improve customer satisfaction. It is understood that face recognition technology has been applied in banking, securities, insurance and other business fields

take the insurance industry alone as an example. On the Internet financial platform, it is very important to prove that you are you. Face recognition technology is introduced to replace manual authentication, which will not only safely prove that you are you for customers, but also make the service intelligent and convenient. Insurance customers who need to change the policy information, change the binding number or surrender can be completed in a short time through the face recognition system. When handling business, customers only need to blink and shake their heads at the camera to complete business handling, which truly realizes zero distance

the purpose of introducing face recognition technology into Jiaxin customer service is mainly to serve customers in the financial industry, reduce the pressure on their business processing, and achieve accurate customer service. By taking the face as a clue and associating the user's business, consulting, information and other contents, it presents a complete information chain for customer service personnel, deeply excavates the accurate data of customers, and realizes accurate and personalized services and marketing for enterprises. Jiaxin customer service is committed to building an intelligent all media customer service platform, and has always maintained the leading technology in the fierce market competition. After the successful completion of face recognition docking, it will focus on voice intelligence and video customer service, and conduct in-depth research on the accurate wiring, so as to truly create a cloud customer service system suitable for various industries from the perspective of enterprises and customer service

it is reported that the face recognition technology of Jiaxin customer service is currently only open to customers in the financial industry. The performance of using software to protect experiments has been opened on the official account of Jiaxin customer service. The situation is divided into: displacement limiting access, which can identify identities according to identity cards and other information

with the white hot market, Jiaxin customer service relies on deep technical accumulation to complete the full capacity layout, instant messaging, personalized customization, data accuracy and customer service risk control, mobility and intelligence, video, face recognition and other capabilities, providing enterprises with professional and powerful intelligent customer service systems. For example, knowledge base, help center or self-service center and data statistical analysis function, etc. use key search, artificial intelligence and other functions to accurately understand user problems, match various material testing tensile machines with the best answers, and achieve rapid and automatic response. That is to analyze the structured and unstructured data of customers and serve users in the opposite direction. It is expected to slowly transform the customer service center from the enterprise cost center to the profit center, and assume more marketing and sales responsibilities

a real Internet enterprise hopes to change the working methods of enterprises and people through technology, and continue enterprise creativity through innovation. Jiaxin customer service will firmly continue on the path of technological innovation and innovation, and continue to bring more updated innovative technologies and functions to users

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