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"Jiaozi": packaging design deduces Oriental leisure culture

recently, after the cultural activity of "Jiaozi, look at the fourth city", the voice of the cultural celebrities forum has not fallen. The "Jiaozi brand packaging design evaluation activity" with the theme of "Oriental leisure culture" has kicked off with the joint promotion of the Chinese Tobacco Association, new weekly and jiaozi brand promotion Co., Ltd

the organizer said that this event will invite domestic first-class senior designers to carry out packaging creative design for the "Jiaozi" brand, and use the "Jiaozi" platform to gather domestic design elites to solicit excellent design works that can reflect the "Oriental leisure culture". This activity is a meaningful attempt to improve the packaging design quality of domestic cigarette brands

Chengdu has nurtured a unique lifestyle of "leisure" and a batch of excellent brands of pendulum impact testing machines such as "Jiaozi". Over the past ten years, it has worked hard to improve every process, creating jiaozi's extraordinary excellent quality. In its growth process, it has also integrated the unique understanding of Chengdu people on the quality of life and spiritual taste, just like the newly completed garden style new plant - advanced sewage purification facilities, Large areas of vegetation greening, garden style scenic spots layout, etc. everywhere reflect the "people-oriented" social heart of enterprises; Let people learn to pursue a higher quality of life while enjoying products, enjoy a relaxed moment, make life a virtuous circle, let every consumer feel a superior lifestyle, and form a special temperament of "affinity, slow response and self-confidence" and a commitment of "superior taste" in the brand

ten years after the birth of Jiaozi brand, it coincided with the relocation of Chengdu cigarette factory. In order to better display the brand culture of Chengdu's unique "Oriental leisure culture" and jiaozi's "sense of superior taste", and promote the interaction of the tobacco industry with social culture and design, the main organizer organized this design creative activity. The domestic famous design masters, senior judges of the packaging design competition and industry experts will serve as the selection guests of the evaluation activities. They will comprehensively evaluate the design works from the aspects of creative uniqueness and design culture, and select the design works that best reflect the brand characteristics of Jiaozi brand "affinity, self-confidence and superior taste" and the connotation of "Oriental leisure culture"

it is reported that the whole event will last for nearly three months, followed by continuous interviews and reports on the designers, selection guests and organizers who will also inspect the oil delivery valve to participate in this event, and pay attention to the process of this event

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