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Where is the road for the national coating industry

Where is the road for the national coating industry

April 19, 2004

the growing construction and decoration industry in China has brought a huge consumption market for coatings. According to data, the production and sales of domestic decorative Engineering coatings are increasing at a rate of 9% - 15% every year. Facing the huge potential market in China, foreign-funded coating enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have quickly seized the Chinese coating market with overwhelming advertisements. However, China's state-owned enterprises, township enterprises and private enterprises have missed business opportunities and have not moved forward. With mature technology, strong strength, high quality and high price products, foreign-funded enterprises have quickly occupied a considerable share of China's coating market. Their business scope covers different consumer groups in large, medium and small cities, and gradually extends to the urban and rural markets. They have achieved amazing business performance and economic benefits in a short time. They have also accumulated a lot of experience in marketing, brand and talent, and will seek greater development space in the next step

facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how to compete, survive and develop is an urgent responsibility and mission in front of the national coating industry. Koreans are proud to buy domestic cars. If domestic consumers cannot accept domestic coatings, it will be a shame and sorrow for the national coating industry. In the market competition, most state-owned enterprises are likely to gradually withdraw from the competitive market because the system does not adapt to the market operation mechanism and the operation is difficult, and only a few survive after drastic reform and restructuring; Collective and joint-stock enterprises create their own regional brands based on long-term, flexible and flexible, establish a good reputation, and have strong competitiveness in the paint market, but most of them are relatively small, lack of funds, poor market development, inadequate pre-sales and after-sales services, insufficient investment in technology and advertising, difficult to attract senior scientific research, marketing and management personnel, and low scientific and technological content of products, so it is difficult to compete with foreign-funded enterprises. If we can develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, operate beyond normal 147.1, boldly invest in the reform competition, cooperate together, further expand the scale and highlight the brand, we can compete with foreign-funded enterprises; Private enterprises have the most vitality, the system and mechanism can adapt to the market, the operation is flexible, the personnel are precise, the cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the development speed is fast. However, due to the restrictions of market environment, entrepreneurs' business philosophy, family management and excessive pursuit of economic interests, the scale development is slow, and when the enterprise develops to a certain scale, it stagnates. If we can take a long-term view, invest in financing and make a brand, some enterprises will stand out and become the mainstay of the national coating industry

throughout the domestic coating production enterprises, who can make a well-known brand in the north and south of the river and reach a certain scale, will become the backbone of China's coating industry. After China's entry into WTO, the national coating industry has encountered unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Only by shouldering the mission and responsibility of revitalizing the national coating industry and advancing bravely, can it stand and develop in the competition. Brand strategy the national coating industry can only play its own brand in the market. The brand of an enterprise is the comprehensive embodiment of its image, popularity, reputation, good after-sales service, product quality, technical content and many other aspects. Chinese coatings need to focus on several major brands to be competitive. To become a famous brand, we must first have a strategic vision of the market and establish a well-known "people" brand among consumers. It is not enough to rely on huge advertising investment. Enterprises must be guided by the business philosophy of honest management and serving the society, supported by after-sales and technical services that are responsible for consumers, and constantly improve the scientific and technological content of products and the technical force of developing new products. Only in this way can paint brands with national characteristics become real brand-name products

national architectural coating brands cannot imitate foreign brands, nor can they have more than one brand, otherwise the brand will not be prominent, and consumers will find it difficult to choose among the brands that confuse fish with pearls. Enterprises can't make their own brands, and one brand with multiple products will also cause consumption misunderstandings. The short-term desire for quick success and instant benefit is not conducive to the formation of brands. The regional famous brands of the coating industry have spread all over the country, but there is a lack of well-known brands inside and outside the Great Wall. Acquisition, holding, joint venture, cooperation, joint venture and other forms of cooperation are the best way to build a national coating industry brand, and also the only way to compete with foreign brands and improve the overall level of strength

the enterprise brand, which is based on honesty and has lasted for a hundred years, tells us that honesty is the foundation of sustainable brand development. Famous brands must be guaranteed by good reputation and excellent quality. Some short-term behaviors such as blindly seeking to maximize economic benefits are the biggest obstacles to brand strategy. The consolidation and improvement of the brand also requires the enterprise to invest at least 5% of the sales revenue in technology research and development, 5% of the equipment renewal and transformation, and 3% of the advertising expenses every year, so as to gradually improve the competitive strength and popularity of the brand

in addition, strengthening the internal management of enterprises and strictly implementing rules and regulations are the foundation of brands. Practices such as "equal quality" and "flexibility" are various obstacles to building national brands. Improving the quality of enterprise personnel and cultivating talents is an important responsibility of paint production enterprises. Corporate culture, social benefits and green environmental protection are part of making the brand bigger, stronger and better. The success of brand building will bring intangible assets to enterprises and produce huge economic and social benefits. The development trend of scale benefit coating industry is scale and collectivization. The layout of China's architectural coating production enterprises is unreasonable, and the scale is generally small. The scale should be based on talents, backed by technology, based on management and linked by service. The scale is not how much investment and annual output can be achieved, but the overall strength and competitiveness of the enterprise, the rationalization of production and marketing balance, perfect marketing network, technology development, production management system, full load is the best scale effect of high output, and the unit cost will be reduced with the expansion of the scale. Exceeding a certain scale will also increase the production costs and expenses of products, so the larger the scale is, the more economic benefits are. The best benefits should be created with a reasonable scale

at present, the scale of state-owned and joint-stock enterprises is relatively large, but most of them are not competitive, so it can be said that there is scale but no benefit; The scale of collective enterprises is still small, and their development is generally slow and stagnant; Although private enterprises have strong competitiveness, there are too few of them on scale. Most of them are difficult to form economies of scale in a short time due to lack of talents and family management. China's coating industry lacks enterprises with regional scale operation and representative scale of chain development. Only scale operation can optimize resources, reduce costs, enhance strength, and be able to compete with foreign brands for market share. At this stage, leading enterprises should take the lead in horizontal alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, and franchises across the country. In the national "one belt, one road" strategy, capital operation, unified brand, and scale development. In this way, we can pool the strength of China's coating industry, share resources and interests, so as to enhance the available post-processing heat treatment to obtain the most suitable crystallinity of PEEK film. The strength of our national coating industry can create economies of scale in a short time when there is a feeling of serious discomfort in the body

current enterprise services tell us that when our scale reaches a certain level, the supporting software and hardware should also form a "scale", otherwise it will not produce economies of scale. Because of the particularity of the paint, the products after leaving the factory are "semi-finished products", and the after-sales construction link is very critical. Often, due to the lack of construction guidance, there are some problems after the brushing construction of high-quality paint. In pre-sales service, on the other hand, customers often turn to small-scale enterprises with good service and no guarantee of quality for the feeling of seeking "God". Therefore, the hardware facilities and software environment of large-scale enterprises are very important. Marketing strategy is also a prerequisite for the success of scale operation: first, we should cultivate and recruit sales talents with both ability and political integrity; Second, we should formulate a benefit driven incentive mechanism for salespeople; Third, in order to avoid disorderly competition between dealers, the rebate after unifying the market price; Fourth, carry out after-sales service, go deep into users and provide on-site technical services

China's coating production enterprises are generally small in scale, with an average annual output of twoorthree tons. There are thousands of brands, and regional brand enterprises generally have an annual output of twoorthree tons, with few influential brands in China. According to the fact that architectural coatings are mostly water-based and not suitable for long-distance transportation, foreign brands make a brand, produce series of high-grade products under the brand, and establish branches in China, which not only reduces costs, reduces costs, but also facilitates services, occupying a large part of the market share. According to the national conditions and the current market situation of coating enterprises, we should unite in the coating industry, pay attention to marketing strategies, strengthen management, improve the service system, focus on brands and expand the scale in a relatively short time, enhance the overall competitiveness of China's coating industry, make the model and brand National coating enterprises develop rapidly, occupy the domestic coating market, and embark on the revitalization Road of a virtuous cycle

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