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Where is the way of global label printing?

in recent years, people have paid more attention to label printing. Whether it is the reports of various professional media or exhibitions, they are more and more optimistic about label printing. New products about labels also emerge in endlessly. New generation DNA labels, soluble labels, new anti-counterfeiting label systems and so on really dazzle us

in fact, the labels we are talking about include self-adhesive labels, instant coated labels, electrolyte market, mainly bills from China, Japan and South Korea, and recently there are in mold labels and RF labels. Their application fields include smoke and daily necessities, medicine, beverages, sporting goods, road transportation, aviation, such as wine labels, beverage packaging labels, ceramic and other utensils printing labels, tickets, CD labels, DVD labels, car window stickers, bar codes There are a wide variety of non-stop highway tolls, aircraft boarding passes, air luggage, etc. Its printing materials are divided into paper labels and film labels. Subdivided, paper labels and film labels contain different types respectively. Due to the continuous improvement of people's understanding of environmental protection, the use of film labels is on the rise in the international label market. From the label market of European and American countries, film labels such as shrink film labels and in mold labels are developing very fast

The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties naturally promote the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers all printing methods such as flat, convex, concave and hole, and the application of which varies from country to country. However, from the development trend of global labels in recent years, we can see 2 Sample data: provide all sample data set by users of electronic tensile testing machine. Flexographic printing, narrow width rotary printing and digital printing have become new highlights of label printing in European and American countries, and also the development trend of label printing

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