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Where did your express package go

release date: Source: Xining evening news

now shopping has become an indispensable part of people's life. When you receive the express, open the package and take away the object, where does the express package go? How do you deal with express packages on weekdays? According to the statistics of leading logistics companies, this year, the express business volume in our city has increased by more than 60% compared with the same period last year, and most express packaging boxes will be recycled

how do you deal with express packaging

on November 17, when we came to Xiangge, we also provided a full range of services to the Chinese automobile industry from concept to production startup. We saw an express station near Lila city garden that citizen Ms. Zhang took five express deliveries at one time. Because the express delivery was all paper packaging boxes, it was inconvenient to take them, so she opened the express on the spot and threw them into the dustbin. "There are too many things, and you can't use these paper boxes at home, just throw them into the dustbin and let others take them away." Ms. Zhang said. At the door of the community, a courier was dealing with the express boxes discarded by citizens. He told: "these are today's express delivery. Some people can't wait to remove the boxes, take away the goods inside, and leave the boxes behind. These boxes are brand-new and very strong. It's a pity to lose them, so I collect them and dispose of them when sending them." Later, I visited several communities and learned that most citizens directly threw the packaging boxes into the trash can after unpacking the express, and many citizens would take them home to pack things, collect them and sell them

where are the express packages

now many express companies encourage citizens to leave packaging cartons after taking away goods, and the concept of environmental protection has become a new trend. There are green recycling boxes at the gate of many express distribution centers. Citizens can put the boxes into the green recycling boxes after taking the express and unpacking them, so that the packaging can be recycled and mailed with at least one decimal place, so that resources can be recycled and reused. According to the visit, Qinghai Shunfeng has specially set up a packaging waste recycling box to be placed in the express delivery business place, which is used to recycle the paper packaging, plastic packaging, internal buffers, etc. used in the process of mailing and delivery. The paper release port is used to recycle the packaging such as envelopes, carton timing belts and reducers, the plastic release port is used to recycle the plastic packaging such as packaging bags and tapes, and the unpacking tools can be placed on the workbench and tool area, The metal storage basket is hung on the side of the recycling box for the recycling of packaging buffers

"I basically open the package and put the express box into the green recycling box. In this way, recycling can achieve the effect of environmental protection. I think it is worth advocating." Citizen Ms. Han said. Mr. Li said, "I think the idea of recycling is very good and environmentally friendly, so we should promote it more."

the relevant department told: "now shopping has become an indispensable part of people's life, and express packaging is further reused. This is a good thing for the country and the people, and should be promoted. At the same time, when environmental protection and conservation, we should also pay attention to protecting personal privacy and safety, and we must deal with relevant information when throwing express boxes."

indeed, express delivery can improve quality only if it is faster and greener. In terms of green development, we should not only calculate the "immediate account", but also the "long-term account"

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