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Where is the space for "vigorously reducing electricity prices"

on January 3, 2018, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed to further optimize the business environment and continue to stimulate market vitality and social creativity. One of the measures is to "vigorously promote the reduction of electricity prices"

it is often said in the industry that "electricity reform is not for the purpose of reducing electricity prices", but reducing electricity prices has become the due intention of electricity reform. In 2017, 32 provincial-level electricity transmission and distribution price reforms have been completed. The average transmission and distribution price will be reduced by nearly 1 cent per kWh compared with the current purchase and sale price difference, and the reduction of electricity consumption looks tight on the surface, with a cost of about 48billion yuan. In 2017, a total of 1.63 trillion kwh of electricity was traded in the electricity market, reducing electricity expenses for industrial and commercial enterprises by 60.3 billion yuan. It can be seen that the electricity reform has actually reduced the electricity charges of large energy users

these reduced electricity charges have a multiplier effect on the development of the real economy. The system reform of the power industry, while relieving the deep-seated contradictions in the industry, requires power enterprises to take a higher political position and awareness of the overall situation, stand at the height of supporting the healthy development of the national economy, and undertake the important task of reducing the energy cost of enterprises in the real economy and revitalizing the real economy

however, what is not optimistic at present is that the price reduction space of coal and power enterprises has been squeezed by high coal prices. The comprehensive coal price in 2017 mostly operated in the "red range" of more than 600 yuan. According to the statistics of China Electricity Council, in 2017, the purchase cost of power coal increased by about 200billion yuan compared with 2016 due to the rising price of power coal. The high coal price led to a loss of 40.2 billion yuan in the coal power sector of the five power generation groups, with a loss of about 60%. It is said that the capital chain of coal-fired thermal power plants has been broken. If this severe business situation does not change, it will be difficult for power generation enterprises to continue to reduce electricity prices

of course, "vigorously promoting the reduction of electricity prices" is not a simple and crude way to lower the reasonable profits of power enterprises, nor is it to toss anyone into losses. To reduce the electricity price, we should fully consider the plight and affordability of power generation enterprises, and we must also consider that the energy cost of power generation enterprises also needs to be reduced. In addition, we need enterprises to improve their thinking, and coke enterprises in North China, East China and central China continue to raise their voices; The steel price rebounded slightly, realizing that it would benefit from tapping its own potential to make room, as well as continuing to change electricity to lower prices

there is room for the decline of electricity prices. First, on the upstream coal, we should guide the price of electricity coal to be lowered to the green range as soon as possible. Last year, the annual average value of cci5500 thermal coal price index was 642 yuan/ton, up 163 yuan/ton or 34% year-on-year. At present, the market price of 5500 kcal thermal coal in Bohai Rim port has risen to about 740 yuan/ton, a sharp increase of 130 yuan/ton over the level at the beginning of 2017. The rise in coal prices has brought high profits. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total profit of coal mining and washing industry in 2017 was 295.93 billion yuan, an increase of 290.5% year-on-year. Obviously, the price of electricity coal has room to decline, which can be transmitted to the electricity price

second, power generation enterprises should strive to improve quality and efficiency and reasonably reduce enterprise operating costs. 2008 and 2009 should be the worst years for power generation groups. At that time, the five major power generation coal and electricity sectors suffered losses of 80% and the asset liability ratio reached 85%. Due to high investment, low profits, high liabilities and high risks, they became the key monitoring objects of the SASAC. By comparison, the asset liability ratio of power generation groups has fallen to about 80% year after year, and the asset quality and control ability of enterprises are in a relatively good period. By strengthening cost control and operation management, accelerating the disposal of inefficient and ineffective assets, and deepening the reform of internal systems and mechanisms of enterprises, there is still potential to reduce electricity prices

third, by deepening the reform of power market, expand market-oriented trading electricity and strive for room for price reduction. It can be said that the market-oriented trading of electricity in recent years is largely driven by the reduction of electricity prices. Last year, China's market-oriented trading electricity accounted for about 26%, and 74% of electricity was implemented, and the catalog electricity price can be freely changed according to needs in the experimental process, which means that there is still more room for market-oriented trading to reduce prices. However, this part of the price reduction space needs to be opened by deepening the reform of electricity marketization, and the intricacies in it are not discussed here for the time being. However, it should be noted that the reform should use market-oriented methods to solve contradictions and problems, reasonably define the positioning and boundary between the government and the market, reduce all kinds of administrative intervention, give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and enable the government and enterprises to perform their respective duties. Only in this way can we effectively improve the scale of electricity trading in the electricity market, thereby promoting the decline of electricity prices

in a word, the reduction of electricity price should not only be "vigorous", but also "benign"; We should not only straighten out the upstream and downstream prices, but also strive to build a fully competitive, open and orderly power market system

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