Where is the most popular secret of Wuhu Chery

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Where is the secret of Wuhu Chery?

first, "Chery phenomenon" was born in the cracks of policy and hard work.

more than 800000 square meters of land were enclosed in Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone. In March 1997, the "951 secret" project (that is, the number one project in Anhui Province during the Ninth Five Year Plan period) was started here, which was led by Anhui state investment, Rongshida Five investors, including JAC, invested in the construction of automobile manufacturing plants in the form of state-owned asset allocation. Until the basic construction of the plant was completed in October 1997, and the equipment of the four major processes - stamping, welding, spraying and general assembly workshop was fully installed in March 1998, this Anhui No. 1 project did not pull the veil of mystery. How many wrongs have Chery people suffered from the decision to quit storage and take risks when the test ends or the user forcibly interrupts. In the following years, the "Chery phenomenon" called by insiders was born here

let's take a look at the following records: Anhui Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. broke ground on March 18, 1997; On March 28, 1998, the construction of the four process workshops of the car factory started; On May 18th, 1999, the first sqr480 engine went offline; On December 18th, 1999, the first Chery sedan went offline; On January 3, 2001, SAIC Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. was established; In March, 2001, Chery cars were listed in the national catalogue; On June 18, 2001, the 10000th Chery car was offline; On December 18, 2001, Chery's annual sales volume exceeded 30000. By March, 2003, the investment and construction of phase I to phase II have been completed, covering an area of more than 1.3 million square meters. Now, the annual production capacity of 400000 engines and 300000 complete vehicles has been formed. The first two phases of the project have their own four major processes of car production, namely stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. In addition, 3. The high-precision ball screw transmission loading has the characteristics of stable loading, long service life, good stability and energy saving; It also includes two engine plants and one gearbox plant. On April 1st, 2003, Chery's third phase project was officially started, and the fourth and fifth phases are also under intense planning. At present, Chery's main products include Fengyun, Qiyun, and Dongfang's son. In March, 2001, Chery (Fengyun) car was successfully introduced to the market. In just two years, a Fengyun car made Chery rapidly grow into a domestic mainstream car enterprise and become one of the "top eight" in the domestic car industry; Chery series cars and Chery Dongfang's son series cars launched in June 2003 once again reflect Chery's keen ability to grasp the market, and lead the new trend of Chinese mini cars with fashionable appearance, wide space, strong power and exquisite interior decoration; The "son of the East" has become a sharp weapon to enter the public and commercial vehicle market. Like the Fengyun car in that year, its listing has become one of the most eye-catching events in the less and less vehicle industry, which is only a big misunderstanding of the automobile industry in 2003. In August of the same year, Chery launched Chery Qiyun series cars. In the same month, Chery's monthly production and sales exceeded 10000, successfully completed the layout of its product line, and entered a new stage of all-round development; On April 15, 2004, Chery's 200000 car went offline, indicating that the cutting-edge in the automotive industry has grown into a pillar enterprise of China's own brand and become one of China's mainstream car enterprises. As a latecomer, Chery's magical promotion speed and great success are called "Chery phenomenon" by insiders

"Chery phenomenon" was born in the cracks of policy. In order to get on the car catalogue, through the matching between the governments of Anhui and Shanghai, and even the continuous lobbying of Anhui old leaders working in Shanghai, SAIC struggled and promised to gradually move from the experimental platform to the platform. Chery's price was to transfer 20% of its equity, which was worth 350million yuan at the time, to SAIC Group in exchange for an automobile catalogue, which was renamed as SAIC Chery from then on. The agreement between SAIC and Chery is based on four no principles: no investment, no participation in management, no debt, no dividend. As for the automobile catalogue obtained from SAIC, the outside world even described that "SAIC is very magnanimous, giving Chery sufficient room for development, and declaring a car catalogue for it, which makes Chery qualified to sell cars in the Chinese market." But in fact, SAIC is neither optimistic about Chery nor out of magnanimity

"Chery phenomenon" was born in the hard work and struggle of Chery people. Let's see what Chery's entrepreneurial spirit is:

seek in a humble house and become a wasteland

the spirit of grass house, once hard, we will always remember

have a hungry meal and a cold lunch box, laugh about thirst for boiled water, and pay tribute to Chery's pioneers

with stars and moon, how beautiful the stars in the sky are. Because of you, we will create miracles

the hot sun is in the sky, the construction site is at noon, and sweat drops under the pile

Chery people are neighbors in the wilderness, where chickens and dogs are known to each other. They eat three meals with boxed meals. They work hard day and night. They don't say bitter conditions, work hard without saying tired, and have no regrets. Chery people know that Wuhu's automobile manufacturing industry started too late, and the start-up capital of the project is too limited. In the face of powerful competitors at home and abroad, they have no retreat, but to fight. Zhan xialai, the former chairman of the company, announced that no matter how big Chery will be in the future, it will always carry forward the spirit of hard work of small enterprises. It is this kind of careful calculation that has enabled Chery to complete all the construction of product development, technology introduction, infrastructure and network development within the amount of 1.752 billion yuan, and has led to the low-cost sales of Chery bicycles of 78000 yuan. In addition, compared with the proportion of financial expenses to sales revenue of several major domestic automotive multinational companies, which is about 20%, Chery is only 1.5%, because Chery's single vehicle cost is only 1/5 to 1/6 of that of its peers, which makes an obvious annotation for Chery to create the best performance price ratio

second, always adhere to the road of independent development, the real national brand

speed, vitality, quality, romance, success, stirring reality in dreams, excellence in quality, success in speed, extraordinary refraction in Temptation... Invest less than 2billion yuan to build 300000 engines and 60000 vehicle production lines, and realize a profit of 300 million in the year of product launch This is the new competitive brand brought by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. to China's automotive industry - "Chery" sedan

as we all know, China's automobile industry has taken the road of joint venture for 20 years, such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Citroen, and so on. Regardless of the historical reasons for taking the road of joint venture and our good and beautiful original intention, we do not deny that joint venture has indeed played a positive role in the history of the development of China's automobile industry

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