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Where is the way to promote the whole process mechanization of grain production

according to the establishment requirements, by 2019, the whole process mechanization level of grain production in the county will reach more than 80%, and the whole process mechanization will be basically realized. Among them, the mechanization level of the six production links of tillage, planting, plant protection, harvesting, drying and straw treatment in the production of rice and wheat crops has reached more than 95%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 70% and 80% respectively, among which the level of rice transplanting machine has reached more than 75%, the high-efficiency mechanized plant protection capacity has reached more than 60%, and the drying capacity of grain producing areas has reached more than 50%. All towns (districts) in the county have basically realized the whole process mechanization of grain production, and built a demonstration county for the whole process mechanization of grain production in the province. Half a year has passed since 2018. How is the start of promoting the whole process mechanization of grain production in our county? How to go in the future? In recent days, the visit may lead to the estimation of its fatigue life being too high for the relevant towns and villages

Wang Chunhua, the head of Chunhua agricultural machinery service professional cooperative in Yuanzhuang Town, told that as a professional cooperative organization of agricultural machinery, they now have 8 harvesters, 3 large tractors and 3 plant protection machines. This year, we purchased a dryer, which can cover more than 1000 farmers and more than 5000 mu of land in the surrounding Huayuantou neighborhood committee, Hushu and other places. Since 2013, the cooperative has been mechanized from planting to harvesting and drying, and the operation efficiency is higher than that of manual work. Not only the large farmers are satisfied, but also some small farmers save trouble, and the income of the cooperative is better. "We also have six partners. They all feel that the establishment of professional cooperation in agricultural machinery is the right way. Although the sharing of agricultural machinery has been achieved, they are often busy, and the demand for peripheral services is relatively large." Wang Chunhua said

Zhu Mingfei is the Secretary of the general Party branch of Xiaoqiao village in Rudong Economic Development Zone (Ju Town Street). A few years ago, he founded Zhu Mingfei's family farm. So far, 380 mu of land has been transferred. Last year, he invested more than 400000 yuan to build a grain drying Center. In addition to drying grain for himself, the large grain growers of the transferred land in the village also came to him for drying. In addition, he has a beater, rotary cultivator, high-speed rice transplanter, harvester and large and medium-sized tractors with more than 85 horsepower. What makes Zhu Mingfei particularly happy is that his family farm has an automatic assembly line from seedling raising to sowing, plant protection to harvest, drying, storage and transportation. He said with emotion, "the mechanization of the whole process makes farming as convenient as factory products!"

in the field, I saw caijianquan, a 64 year old rice transplanter. "Last year, I spent 105000 yuan to buy a rice transplanter, and the state subsidized 25000 yuan. This year, I transplanted rice seedlings to large contractors, with a working area of 600 or 700 mu, and about 50 mu of rice seedlings can be transplanted a day." Caijianquan said excitedly, "65 yuan per mu of land, and retail investors are still slightly higher. I have been busy for half a month, and my gross income is about 45000 yuan. Excluding labor, oil money, wear and tear and other expenses, I can earn more than 30000 yuan a quarter."

in our county, there are not a few agricultural machinery households such as wangchunhua and caijianquan. Through their operations, the traditional grain planting mode has been changed, the comprehensive grain production capacity has been enhanced, and the benefits have been improved. Whether it is agricultural machinery cooperatives, family farms, or large professional agricultural machinery households, these new agricultural business service entities have become the main force in promoting the whole process mechanization of grain production in our county

the development of the whole process mechanization of grain production is uneven.

the Development Zone attaches great importance to agricultural mechanization. The ability of agricultural machinery equipment and the application level of mechanization technology rank high in the county. The land circulation area of large planting households in the region has reached about 25000 Mu, and there is a relatively solid foundation for the implementation of the whole process mechanization of grain. This year, the district continued to strengthen the promotion of various agricultural machines and tools. At present, 16 high-speed transplanters, 6 walking transplanters, 13 large and medium-sized tractors and plant protection machinery have been completed. Although the current creation work has achieved remarkable results, However, yuan Yinjun, deputy director of the Rural Work Bureau of the District, keenly captured some existing problems: "on the one hand, the land circulation fee is still high, and large farmers need to bear certain risks, which will affect the planting area of grain. On the other hand, large farmers also face the risk of downward grain prices, which will also affect their enthusiasm to purchase large machinery to a certain extent."

according to Zhou Jun, deputy director of the county agricultural machinery administration, the establishment of a demonstration county for the whole process mechanization of grain involves six links, namely, tillage, sowing, plant protection, harvesting, mechanized return of straw to the field and grain drying. From the current situation of the whole county, there are still the following main problems: first, the scope of socialized services is still relatively small, and the development of the whole process mechanization of grain production is uneven; Second, the area of rice machine transplanting is relatively small. According to the requirements of the whole process mechanization of grain production, rice machine transplanting must be more than 75%, and at present, the county is less than 70%; Third, the link of efficient plant protection must be more than 60% as required. Due to some defects in the work of socialized services, only 50% of the current link of efficient plant protection in our county takes its arithmetic mean value. In addition, large and medium-sized tractors, efficient plant protection machinery and grain drying centers are unevenly distributed in towns and districts

during the interview, we also learned that there are still some drawbacks in the plant protection link in the whole process of grain mechanization. Take the sheath blight of rice for example. The same potion and the same machinery will have different effects in different periods of time. As a result, some farmers will not see the control effect and begin to question the quality of socialized services. In addition, due to some retail investors and the fact that it is difficult to use large-scale mechanized operations in the isolated fields, it is also restricting the establishment of the whole grain mechanization demonstration county

explore a new path suitable for local realities

"our goal is to have 4 to 6 townships in the county meet the creation requirements in 2018, and to fully implement the goal of establishing a demonstration county of full mechanization of grain production in 2019." Zhou Jun suggested that in the next stage, we should focus on making up for the shortcomings in the implementation of the full mechanization of grain production

it is understood that the townships with gaps have issued demonstration requirements for the establishment of full mechanization demonstration towns of grain production, and measures have been taken against the gaps. In terms of machines and tools, some towns have strengthened the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase film blowing machines through continuous upgrading by means of work subsidies; Aiming at the shortage of drying centers, some towns strive to provide special services by village level cooperative economic organizations through socialized services. At present, with the continuous strengthening of the establishment of the whole process mechanization Demonstration County, there are more and more types of machinery, and the replacement of different types of machinery is also faster and faster. In response to this problem, the county agricultural machinery promotion station has worked closely with the relevant departments of the county agricultural Commission to jointly formulate the technical route and technical standards for the whole process mechanization of grain production, and do a good job in new machines and tools through publicity and training, technical guidance and supervision of operation quality Promotion of new technologies

Zhou Jun gave his own ideas on how to speed up the establishment of the demonstration county of grain mechanization in the whole process and ensure the success of the establishment next year. He believed that the whole process mechanization of grain production should be taken as an important part of high-standard farmland construction, actively promote the construction of farmland water conservancy infrastructure and land consolidation, promote the orderly circulation of rural land contractual management rights, and create conditions for large-scale agricultural machinery operation services; We should adjust measures to local conditions and take advantage of the situation, speed up the cultivation of new agricultural business service subjects such as agricultural machinery professional cooperative organizations, large agricultural machinery households and family farms, encourage new agricultural business service subjects to carry out the whole process of mechanized operations, and promote the development of producer services; We should solidly promote the cultivation project of new professional farmers, carry out the work of obtaining certificates, awards and subsidies for agricultural machinery vocational skills, and strive to cultivate a number of agricultural machinery operators; We should support agricultural machinery cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households to build agricultural machinery warehouses, strengthen the construction of rural tractor roads and bridges, and strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance points and other supporting facilities. Implement preferential policies in terms of electricity and land use; We should formulate a demonstration route for the whole process mechanization of grain production, and explore some new ways in the promotion, popularization and application of new machines and tools through the construction of demonstration villages, demonstration towns and demonstration parties

notes: mechanized farming, on the one hand, reduces labor and liberates productivity, on the other hand, it can shorten time and improve farming efficiency. Mechanized farming and scientific farming will be the only way for high-quality rural development in the future. However, mechanized operation does not mean mechanized thinking, but requires us to make scientific arrangements according to local conditions in actual operation. Therefore, promoting the establishment of the whole process mechanization demonstration county of grain production is a systematic project, which requires the joint participation of the whole society. Building a beautiful countryside is not our goal. It is our unremitting pursuit to let farmers have a good harvest and a happy life

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