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Can the iron and steel industry endure the hardships in 2012

according to the latest statistics, as of the afternoon of August 29, the billet has fallen to 3000 yuan. Now the local ordinary carbon 150 billet in Tangshan is 3000 yuan/ton, 165 rectangular billet is 3030 yuan/ton, low alloy billet is 3120 yuan/ton, and the cash tax of Changli ordinary billet is 3020 yuan/ton, and the bare price is about 2860 yuan/ton; Shanxi 150pu, we have mainly carried out the utilization and R & D of graphene in power cables; Moreover, the current main research is not to replace the metal conductor of cable with graphene. The quotation of carbon billet is 3000 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton; Liaoyang PUC 150 billet quoted 3080 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton. The bidding price of Yan steel broke through the 3000 mark and fell to 2990 yuan/ton, down 25 yuan/ton compared with the previous period and 20 yuan/ton lower than the current market price

the fall of raw materials has exacerbated the panic in the market. Many people in the industry even expect that the decline of iron ore to $80/ton is no longer a myth. In this regard, a steel trader in Zhengzhou pointed out: "when the bad is at the head, the steel price has fallen all the way, and the raw material market can't hold on. They have joined the short selling team one after another. It is expected that the spot of steel futures will continue to fall."

industry analysts said: "the downstream billet adjustment enterprises are not active in purchasing under the condition of insufficient orders, while the foreign ore price has broken the 100 yuan mark, and some ore traders have sold out. It is expected that the billet will still show a downward trend in the short term, which means that the cost of raw materials is difficult to provide action energy for the steel price in the short term."

the decline of raw materials such as mineral powder and billet not only weakens the cost support of steel prices, but also may weaken the kinetic energy of steel mills to reduce production

as we all know, in the case of continuous sharp decline in steel prices and serious overcapacity, steel mills successively played the card of reducing production in July. However, the published data exposed the "lie". Obviously, steel mills still "would rather reduce prices and losses than reduce production"

"mineral powder, especially for an enterprise with a large number of enterprises like us, the decline of billet will undoubtedly provide new space for steel enterprises to make profits. As long as the market price does not fall sharply, it is expected that the steel mills will not reduce production significantly and the output will not fall down. Huafeng new materials and Huafeng spandex are enterprises controlled by Huafeng Group. It is expected that the domestic steel market will be more cruel in the later stage." Analysts said

"the steel production capacity has been in the stage of obvious surplus. If there is no obvious signs of recovery in the downstream and the steel plant has not reduced production in a large area, the contradiction between supply and demand is expected to intensify." Manager Zhang, who works as a strip steel in Handan, said, "now, mineral powder and billet have failed to take out the fate of the decline of the industrial chain of the whole industry. There is no light point in the market. It is expected that there is little possibility of improvement in the steel industry in the next six months

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