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in the Indian market, although cigarettes are mainly sold in the form of flexible packaging, more newly produced brand cigarettes go to the market in hard packaging. Egypt's oriental tobacco company recently added hard packaging products to its main brand cigarette Cleopatra. There is a similar situation in France, where the popular local brand used to be the traditional flexible packaging, but since the mixed flavor cigarettes (such as Marlboro) from the United States entered the country's market, the sales of flexible packaging cigarettes seem to have become difficult. At the same time, gauloise, a representative brand of French flexible packaging cigarette culture, has also appeared in hard packaging products. What's more, some European cigarette markets have been monopolized by hard packaging, such as Germany, Britain and Switzerland, with the market share of hard packaging cigarettes reaching almost 100%

in addition, the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machine in the past few years has promoted the wide use of hard pack cigarette packaging machine, because the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machine is much faster than that of temperature sensitive rod: screw in thermocouple soft pack cigarette packaging machine, so hard pack cigarette packaging machine is more attractive to large cigarette factories

the speed of the new soft pack cigarette packaging machine is also increasing. For example, the packaging speed of focke700 packaging machine can reach 700 boxes/min, which makes up for the slow packaging speed of the previous soft pack cigarette packaging machine

3. The impact of changes in the world's tobacco industrial structure on the tobacco packaging market

throughout the world's tobacco industry, the trend of enterprise merger is intensifying, and cigarette factories, paper mills and printing mills have formed a close triangular relationship. The challenge ahead is how to further improve the partnership. A very popular term in the tobacco industry is "market decline"

in the past few years, cigarette factories have constantly put forward new requirements for cigarette packaging paper, such as the requirements for paper whiteness. We can clearly see the development trend of cigarette packaging paper to a higher level of whiteness. Sometimes the cigarette factory needs to open the oil return valve to make the piston fall back, and the whiteness of the paper should reach more than 90%

in addition, the paper mill has produced thinner paper for the cigarette factory with the original equipment, so as to further reduce the cost of cigarettes. For example, in recent years, chemical temperature controlled pulping technology can produce thinner paper with better paper feeding performance and surface smoothness. It can be seen that the weight of soft pack cigarette paper in Europe has been continuously reduced in recent years. The outer packaging paper has decreased from 100g/m2 to g/m2, while the inner packaging paper has decreased to g/m2

the quantity of paper used in different regions is also different. In the American market, cigarette paper and tin foil paper are mostly used for cigarette inner packaging, and their weight is less than 70% of the weight of the whole cigarette box. In the Eastern European market, cigarette inner packaging paper is paper coated with aluminum foil on one side, and the outer packaging paper is much higher than the inner packaging paper

development of cigarette packaging and its packaging printing

from the situation of the world cigarette sales market, Japan is the world's largest cigarette importer, followed by France and Italy, while China is still the world's largest cigarette market. In order to share the cake of the market as much as possible, various cigarette factories in China show their abilities and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new. Therefore, there has been an unprecedented prosperity in China's cigarette packaging market, especially the hard packaging of cigarettes, which has created a historical precedent of cigarette packaging in the world. Gold, silver and frosted packaging, as well as the world's most cutting-edge packaging technologies (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have appeared in China's cigarette hard packaging, but China's domestic cigarette sales are still unsatisfactory

with the continuous shrinkage of the cigarette market, cigarette factories must recognize the development direction of the cigarette packaging market and constantly expand the connotation of packaging in order to expand their market share. Specifically, there are the following points

1. Cigarette packaging should be concise and natural

many brands of cigarettes in the Chinese market, such as Baisha, Honghe, Dahongying, jiaozi and Hongtashan, have exquisite and gorgeous packaging. If only one brand of cigarettes in the market of a country or region adopts this packaging, it will certainly help to expand its market. However, if many cigarette factories adopt this stereotyped approach, such as gold card paper, bronzing, sanding and holographic anti-counterfeiting, it will inevitably lead to a big price war in the market and more fierce competition. Moreover, the ink used in this kind of packaging and printing is mainly benzene solvent and ester soluble ink, which does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, in order to expand the market share, the cigarette printing factory must take the lead, print with alcohol soluble or water-soluble ink, and the design should be unique, so as to express a new brand culture with extremely simple graphics and pictures and as few colors as possible, which is concise and natural. (to be continued)

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