Weekly price report of olefins and olefin raw mate

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Weekly report on the prices of olefins and olefin raw materials ethylene, propylene and propane in Europe and America

it is reported that the US Gulf of Mexico olefin manufacturer said that the US spot price of ethylene rose by 2 cents/pound and the contract price in August rose to 49.5 cents/pound, reflecting the increased demand for ethylene and its derivatives. Ethylene prices in Europe rose by 20 euros/ton, while propylene and butadiene prices rose by 10 euros/ton

olefins and olefin raw materials

us spot

US contract price

European spot

European Contract Price


cents/gallon FOB


cents/gallon FOB

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gas oil

cents/gallon hydraulic testing machine can complete the rotary flushing of iron filings in the pipe after rib processing in the previous process, and complete the length measurement and measurement of the tested steel pipe through photoelectric switch and mechanical device Positioning, the pipe is synchronously fed to the pressure test center through the synchronous feeding device, the radial pre sealing of the steel pipe head screw unit and the tail is realized through the pre sealing device, and the synchronous pressurization of the steel pipe and the pre sealing is realized by the supercharger, so as to realize the pressure test of the steel pipe When the diameters of both ends of the steel pipe are different, Wenzhou inkjet printer is also equipped with joint clamping device to realize pressure balance during pressure test FOB



relevant projects in the United States can reduce greenhouse gas emissions of more than 350 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent cents/Lun by 2025. FOB


cents/gallon FOB


cents/pound del

49 They also often talk with their peers about the purchase of material testing machines the purchase of material testing machines the purchase of material testing machines the purchase of material testing machines 5 cents/pound del August

cents/pound FOB

55 cents/pound del September


872 euros/T del Q3

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