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The market quotation of the market for rubber market (04.. 21) (04.21)

in the past week, compared with the active performance of related rubber species such as styrene butadiene and natural rubber, Shunding's market performance is calm, the price trend everywhere is stable, the sales situation is general, and the transaction is mainly based on the consumption of dealers' early inventory. However, due to the relatively low price of Shunding and the shortage of supply after the maintenance of Gaoqiao bridge, there is room for the price of Shunding to rise

from Wednesday, it was reported that mainstream manufacturers were brewing to increase Shunding's quotation. Driven by this news, Shunding markets in various regions began to heat up, and prices in some regions rose slightly

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production and marketing dynamics:

according to the plan, the Shunding unit of Gaoqiao Petrochemical was officially shut down for maintenance on Monday. At present, the maintenance is progressing smoothly. It is expected that the maintenance will last about 20 days, and the plant is expected to start on May 6

II. Forecast next week

the analysis of the influencing factors of the current Shunding market is as follows:

1. The rise of raw materials and the high price of butadiene have brought support to the price of Shunding

2. The prices of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber are improving, injecting upward momentum into Shunding market

3. During the shutdown of Gaoqiao Petrochemical plant, the supply will be greatly reduced, which will be obvious next week

4. In the early stage of May Day holiday (next week), some downstream manufacturers will prepare goods for production during the holiday, and the downstream purchase behavior will inject vitality into Shunding market

5. This year, the southern shoe factory has not started enough work and has a weak ability to bear the price. Specifically, after the Shunding price in the South China market reaches a high level, the transaction slows down and the market price slightly callback, which may have a negative impact on other markets

based on the above factors, it is expected that the favorable factors in Shunding market will be prominent next week, and there is a certain room for prices to rise








for a week, Driven by the soaring price of natural rubber and the price rise of manufacturers, the domestic styrene butadiene rubber market is in an upward channel. By the end of the weekend, the quotation of various manufacturers had basically reached about 16000 yuan/ton. In this wave of price rise, the northeast, North and East China markets performed relatively prominently and responded quickly, while the Shandong market was slightly slow. In contrast, although the market price in South China followed the bank, the transaction was significantly slower than that in other regions, and the atmosphere cooled down. In the second half of the week, the price shrank slightly

production and marketing dynamics:

(1) PetroChina South China Sales Branch officially made an external quotation on Wednesday. On Thursday, the quotation of rosin 1502 was reduced by 100 yuan to 15900 yuan/ton (pick-up price in South China warehouse), and the quotation of rosin 1500 is not available temporarily. It is reported that the source of Jihua styrene butadiene of South China sales branch is still in transit and is expected to arrive at the South China market this weekend

(2) the overhaul time of Lanzhou Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber unit is preliminarily arranged from May 8 to May 26. This overhaul is a large-scale annual inspection, which starts from the source unit. But at the same time, due to the slightly tight supply of styrene butadiene rubber and good sales situation recently, Lanhua can not rule out the possibility of delaying maintenance

II. Forecast for next week

this week, the price of styrene butadiene rubber hit an all-time high again. The ex factory price or the warehouse price of the sales company exceeded 16000 yuan/ton. Driven by it, the local market price basically rose to 16500 yuan/ton. After the price rose to a high level, supported by strong demand, the market bidding atmosphere remained enthusiastic. But at the same time, dealers who are well versed in the rules of rising and falling for a long time have become more cautious in the operation of butyl benzene. In addition to ensuring the supply of fixed customers, the speed of purchasing butyl benzene has slowed down

next week, there is little possibility of a sharp decline in the price of styrene butadiene rubber. Some downstream enterprises will purchase for the production during the May Day holiday, and a large number of popularity will gather in the styrene butadiene rubber market. It is not ruled out that the manufacturer may push up the quotation

Natural Rubber

this week, the domestic natural rubber market resumed its upward trend after a short-term consolidation. The futures and spot market formed a linkage, and the price increased significantly. At present, the supply of goods in local markets is relatively tight. On the one hand, the volume of goods is not sufficient at the beginning of the production area. On the other hand, there are difficulties in transportation in Yunnan production area, and the delivery volume to various places is relatively limited. The temporary shortage of supply not only supports the price of domestic rubber, but also suppresses the demand. The transactions around the country are slightly sluggish, and the characteristics of downstream enterprises are obvious

due to the high price and high risk, and the cautious operation mentality of operators is in the mainstream, the market is in a slow rising channel. The harm caused by fatigue of mainstream metals in various regions is quoted as follows: in the Northeast market, the standard price is one yuan/ton; North China market, the standard price is one yuan/ton; Shandong market, the standard price is one yuan/ton; Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, the standard price is one yuan/ton; In South China market, the standard price is one yuan/ton

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