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Interior door pocket is an important part of interior door products, which also affects the applicable life of interior door products! How to choose the interior door pocket? What is the practice of door pocket decoration? Let's follow the editor below

door pocket decoration practice

the first step is to do a good job in the basic frame of the door pocket

the master cuts the woodworking board into the size of the same width, and then makes such a door frame. This is the basic frame of the door pocket. The material must be selected from good woodworking board. The weight of the door itself, the door will have a certain strength in daily use, which is carried by the door pocket. Generally, solid wood such as Liu'an will be used as the woodworking board of the core material, The hardness of these woods is high, and the screws are not easy to loosen, so the door is not easy to sag

the second step is to drill holes in the wall

the master uses an electric hammer to drill holes in the wall, nail wood wedges of appropriate size, mark them, and nail round nails through the door frame into the wood wedges, so as to fix the door frame on the wall

note: when installing the door pocket, it should be vertical and horizontal in all directions, from the front and side. The door pocket frame must be at right angles, so it is standard after installation, that is, we usually say that the installation is very “ Positive &rdquo

the third part is made into a cascade.

after the basic framework is fixed, it is made into a cascade. The function of cascade is to block the gap of the door, which is very tight from the outside. Generally speaking, the door is installed on the side close to the room, and the opening direction is on the side of the room. Leave a certain distance on the side of the door. The size depends on the thickness of the door ordered, usually about 4-5cm

the fourth step is to paste the panel

the next step is to paste the panel. In general home decoration, the relationship between style and panel selection is related. Panels are mainly divided into clear water and mixed water. Some modern simple styles are mostly elegant maple (clear water), molded board (white mixed water), etc. for example, the panel in this example is “ American Red Cherry ”, The color is elegant and warm

when pasting the panel, measure the size, and use the art knife to cut the required panel on the whole panel. If it is painted with water, it must be noted that the color difference of the panel used for the same door must be close! Decoration is to make the home more beautiful. If the color difference is too large, it will go against the original intention of decoration. Generally, the panel selected for the same door must be planed straight with a carpenter's plane, and the edge must be free of burrs. The gap at the junction of the panel should be tight. After the length and size are planed, the back should be painted with glue and glued

the choice of glue is also different. Previously, white glue was used, and small “ Mosquito nail ” Nail on the base plate. Nowadays, most of them choose all-purpose glue. The method is to brush the glue on the side of the panel and the bottom plate, and when the hand is dry, stick the panel to the bottom plate, and then squeeze out the bubbles

door pocket selection elements

at present, there are two kinds of door pockets on the market: one is made of density board, and the other is made of solid wood and multi-layer

density board is made of wheat, orange, straw, sugarcane and other materials chopped into powder and pressed. Although its flatness is relatively good, it is more suitable for making a balance layer. If it is used as a door pocket, the force of eating nails and lying nails is poor, and it is easy to crack and deform

solid wood multi-layer is made of multi-layer solid wood veneers, which are crisscross and laminated. It has strong nail eating force and nail holding force, good stability, not easy to crack and deform, waterproof and moisture-proof, and is the first choice for home wooden doors

door jambs are durable goods, which are highly decorative and practical products. Therefore, long-term consideration should be given to brand, material selection, technology and quality assurance. No matter how well a door is made, if the door pocket is not durable, it will directly affect the practical effect and service life of the indoor door

door pocket is commonly known as door frame, which refers to the decorative shape set around the door. It bears the weight of the entire indoor door and can echo the overall decoration style

according to statistics, the complaint of indoor doors mainly lies in the door pocket. Sometimes the door leaf is still intact, but the joint between the door leaf and the door pocket has become loose, because with the increase of the number of indoor door opening, the screws will slowly loosen, the door leaf will gradually sink, causing poor opening and closing, and even causing unnecessary trouble for your decoration. Therefore, first of all, the door jamb must eat nails. Its nail holding force is strong, so that the door leaf is not easy to fall off: second, the waterproof of the door jamb is very important, especially the door of the bathroom. Once the door jamb is damp, its surface will be blackened, expanded, peeled, cracked, and sometimes cause the appearance of explosion and splitting. The door pocket is in direct contact with the ground. If the material is not selected properly, the door leaf will sink and mop the floor during use, resulting in loose opening and closing and scraping the ground

once there is a problem with the door pocket, it may damage your floor or wall during maintenance, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, when consumers choose indoor doors, they must not forget to pay attention to the door pocket

editor's summary: the relevant information about door pocket decoration practices and door pocket purchase elements is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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