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Craftsman of fine materials, whole house easy to install + aging anion board, buy today and install tomorrow

what is whole house easy to install + aging anion board

refined wood craftsman's whole house easy to install + aging anion board: release anion/purify air/adsorb and decompose formaldehyde/surface wear resistance

refined wood craftsman's anion formaldehyde purification board. The inspection of the national building materials industry technology supervision and Research Center shows that the formaldehyde purification efficiency of refined wood craftsman's anion formaldehyde purification board products is as high as 79.9%, the durability of formaldehyde purification effect is 63.7%, and the antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%, The inspection results fully comply with the technical indicators of class I materials in the standard jc/t1074-2008. According to the experimental measurement, the anion activation index of the refined wood craftsman anion net aldehyde board can reach more than 500/snan2, and the 20 ㎡ paved area can activate 100million anions per second. A forest like natural anion oxygen bar is built in 24 hours, so that the urban home space is full of fresh anion health positive energy

fine craftsman's advantages of easy decoration in the whole house + anion board:

dust removal: make the dust in the air sink, strongly collect suspended particles, prevent inhalation into the human body, and cut off the transmission medium of bacteria

deodorization: remove all kinds of domestic odors and odors, and improve the living environment

smoke elimination: quickly eliminate oil smoke and dust in the air, and put an end to second-hand smoke

detoxification: remove all kinds of toxic chemical volatile gases in the air

health care: improve work efficiency, eliminate fatigue, improve cardiopulmonary function, and enhance body immunity

beauty: make epithelial cells negatively charged, make bacteria lose the ability to attack cells, and keep skin smooth

remove static electricity: generally, positive static electricity in life will bring hidden dangers to human physical and mental health. Negative ions can effectively neutralize this static electricity

supplement negative ions and reactive oxygen species in living space: invigorate the brain, eliminate fatigue, concentrate, improve work efficiency, prevent air-conditioning diseases, improve human living environment, and return human beings to nature

fine wood craftsman, founded in 2011 by Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Since its inception, fine craftsman has been synonymous with health, environmental protection and high quality. In the process of brand growth, continuous innovation and iteration, but always the pursuit of quality is eternal! No matter in the fields of wood products, wood-based panels, wardrobes and household supporting hardware, whole house customization, etc., fine wood craftsmen have always been at the top of the palace of quality. Adhere to the iron rule of "winning by quality", always maintain the same original intention, and create a dream healthy home life for each family who chooses a craftsman

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