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The necessary furniture at home is sofa, which not only determines the beauty of the whole home environment, but also plays a great role. Everyone is the first choice brand when choosing furniture, because the quality of brand furniture can be guaranteed. So, which brand of sofa is good? Now let's take you to know

which brand of sofa is good

1. Which brand of sofa is good &mdash& mdash; Red apple

red apple is a very familiar brand. It was founded in Hong Kong in 1981. With the design style of Hong Kong home life taste and high-quality raw materials, it quickly occupies a leading position in the Hong Kong furniture market and becomes a well-known brand. The brand has always insisted on using high-quality raw materials, pursuing economic benefits, and has been loved by many consumers

2. Which brand of sofa is good &mdash& mdash; Sikexin

sikexin was founded in 1999. This brand has always been a large-scale comprehensive household manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of household products. With a large-scale production base, it is a leading enterprise in China's furniture industry and a well-known brand of fabric sofa experts. It covers a wide range of fields, including ten categories of fabric software, modern solid wood, mattresses, hardware accessories and so on

3. Which brand of sofa is good &mdash& mdash; Iris

iris is a leading brand in the global furniture industry. At the beginning of its establishment, the brand's requirement for products is to always put the comfort of products first. The enterprise has a strong faculty, and its products are of comprehensive high quality, which has won the recognition of global customers

4. Which brand of sofa is good &mdash& mdash; Located in Shunde, Guangdong Province, Wintex is a professional enterprise dedicated to the design, production and sales of fabric sofa, bedding, furniture cloth and other soft furniture. The brand has always insisted on providing customers with the best service, so it has received a lot of praise both in the industry and among the media and consumers

5. Which brand of sofa is good &mdash& mdash; Left right

was founded in 1986. At present, it is one of the largest professional sofa manufacturers in China, both in scale and strength. Since, it has been focusing on product quality and design

article summary: I'll introduce the brand of sofa here first. I hope it will be helpful for you in purchasing. It is suggested that when purchasing fabric sofa, you should pay attention to the structure of sofa and back cover. The sofa fabric is thick and durable without pilling. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention





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