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Ronggao popularizes the knowledge of daily maintenance of stainless steel doors for you editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows is popularized for the advantage of "not easy to rust", but stainless steel doors also need our daily maintenance. The specific maintenance method is not as simple as casual cleaning in peacetime, but it is exquisite

1. Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf. In order to keep the surface of stainless steel doors and windows clean, be careful not to let sharp tools scratch the surface of stainless steel doors and windows

2. Don't open the door lock with wet hands, which is easy to rust the door lock, and don't use too much force when opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle

3. If the hinges and door locks of stainless steel doors and windows are found to be loose, they should be tightened immediately

doors are the first line of defense for home safety. Many residential areas will use stainless steel doors as entry doors, which can protect the inner doors from damage. Stainless steel doors can bring anti-theft function to the home and add beauty, but only daily maintenance can make them more durable

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