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With the temperature rising, market promotion activities are in full swing everywhere, and the sales performance of the top ten brands of wood doors, Shangpin natural color wood doors, has also continued to hit new highs

with the rising temperature, market promotion activities are in full swing everywhere, and the sales performance of the top ten brands of wood doors, Shangpin natural color wood doors, has also continued to hit new highs. What should we pay attention to when decorating in hot summer? Shangpin natural color wooden doors provide warm tips to help owners decorate in summer

I. in summer decoration, fire safety comes first

the temperature in summer is high and hot, and a large number of wooden building materials such as inner doors and floors will be accumulated during indoor decoration. Fire prevention is the top priority of summer decoration. During construction, wall paint, oil and other inflammables should be stored indoors in a cool and ventilated place, and should not be placed on the balcony in direct sunlight

the construction site should supervise the workers to clean up regularly, remove wood chips, paint dirt and other combustible substances, and try to avoid placing a large number of wood products indoors, so as to prevent the use of electric tools from generating electric sparks and causing the burning of building materials

II. Moisture proof and sun proof

when purchasing materials in the rainy season, you can appropriately choose dry ones. When the materials enter the site, place them for a day or two to make them the same as the surrounding humidity, so they are more suitable for use. In addition, the board should be protected from strong sunlight exposure; In case of high humidity in rainy days, moisture-proof and deformation proof measures shall be taken during storage. Don't put the boards and timbers in the room with direct sunlight. The exposure to sunlight will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue for the decoration of wood products, and also prevent the expansion, deformation and even mildew of wood products caused by rain

III. wallpapers and coatings should be dried naturally in the shade

coatings and wallpapers are commonly used decorative materials. In spring, because the air is wet, in order to dry the wall as soon as possible, doors and windows are generally opened for ventilation. Summer is different. Because it is dry, wallpaper is usually soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. If you open the doors and windows at this time and let the newly paved wallpaper blow "draught", the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss

IV. ceramic tiles should be soaked as much as possible

in summer, because the materials are more dry than usual, for floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that need to be soaked in water, the soaking time should be extended to make the water close to saturation. In this way, the tiles will not absorb water from the cement due to the dryness of the tiles during bonding, resulting in weak bonding with the cement, hollowing and falling off, so as to avoid trouble

v. remove the musty smell

in home decoration, we often encounter the problem of latex paint getting moldy and smelly in hot weather because of its slow drying. It is recommended that you turn on the air conditioner to extract moisture from the air; Keep the furniture cabinet door open and ventilated. After decoration, all kinds of odors will not spread out, which will affect your health. You can put more green plants in the room, or put twoorthree lemons, oranges, bananas, and put grapefruit peel, pineapple peel, etc. in the cabinet, which can achieve the effect of rapid deodorization

VI. acceptance

the acceptance after decoration in summer is also very critical, which is directly related to the repair after decoration. The flatness of the wall can be checked with the naked eye and ruler, and whether there are obvious wavy lines and flow drops

when checking the waterway, it is necessary to carry out a pressure test to check whether there is water leakage, whether the floor drain in the toilet is unobstructed, and whether there is water on the ground. During the inspection, the toilet can be covered with water to see whether there is water

when checking the circuit, check whether each socket has been powered on and whether the live wire, zero wire and ground wire are correctly connected




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