Do not force the decoration company to cheat you

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1、 Hello, do you have any preferential activities for your recent decoration

decorating a house is aimed at concessions. Chinese education is really toxic. Your starting point is not to install the house and move in smoothly. First of all, it is a little cheaper. It is a typical Chinese cheated type. Decoration companies, as businessmen, of course, can't wait for more such people. The more irrational you are, the easier it is to be cheated

decoration company: just now, we just had an activity of paying a deposit of 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan recently, but the quota is limited. It can only be the first three households in a community. Now two households have made reservations, and another household is talking. If you are interested, you have to hurry up. If you want to come over, you can find a way to reserve this quota. 2、 Hello, other companies have about 30000 houses like mine, so you have to pay more than 40000. If it's OK, go and sign the contract today

such owners are 100% cheated, thinking that the decoration is selling vegetables in the vegetable market. Sometimes they even think: the decoration is probably the same, and the price should be comparable. Well, it's also to marry a daughter-in-law. The bride price of Lao Wang next door is 80000. How about your daughter-in-law's bride price of 3000? Is the grade of the daughter-in-law different

decoration company: This is OK, and we also have room. Come first. I can give you the opportunity to make profits without doing this month's performance. In fact, the decoration is almost the same, and we can also achieve that price. Third, Hello, other families have model room preferential activities, and you can use my home as a model at this price. Is it mutually beneficial?

as a person, when you lose your good career at any time, When you want to take advantage of opportunism, God sees it in his eyes. The law of balance of everything will give you corresponding retribution. If you lose, you will get something. But the consequence of smart people is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, while stupid people often end up with the disadvantages outweighing the advantages

decoration company: we also have model room activities, but there is one that has been talked about almost, and the number of places is limited, but we can do more, with less profits. We have done more, come on, I should have no problem reporting to the company. 4、 Other decoration companies use imported water pipes. Are you still so expensive to use domestic water pipes

you haven't been out of the province in your life. It's not easy to save a down payment for buying a house. It's OK to decorate a domestic pipeline that hasn't been seen for decades. It's superstitious to import. It's like a beggar in a foreign country changing into a professor in China.

decoration company: Yes, we also have. The price remains the same, no problem. According to what you said, fifth, my family is lucky to find a decoration company, Even sent a gold medal foreman

if you are lucky to have this opportunity when decorating, Congratulations, in fact, every foreman of them is a gold medal, not you are lucky, but inevitable. Congratulations again, your job was sold to the foreman. 6、 Decoration can really kill people. Although you find a decoration company, you have to go there yourself to open the door. If you encounter this situation, you should recall whether you participated in preferential activities, took advantage of others, often ignored and acted unkindly. If so, why did you let others treat you so well, Of course, it's none of your business. If the company you are looking for is the contract letting system, it will be more clear that the foreman's more trips are the cost, and the less trips are the profit. 7、 I'm lucky. I used to find a decoration company to decorate, but now I directly let the foreman and designer do it. Without going through the company, I saved a lot of money. Decoration is bound to cost money, and being a man is bound to pay. Otherwise, there can be no return for no reason. I have to pay 2 yuan to buy lottery tickets. Don't you even understand this? 8、 Others' half package is only 30000, and you're all 40000, which is too expensive. There are many owners like

having this question shows that you don't know the meaning of half package and all package at all. For example, your neighbor's name is Lei Feng. Have you ever asked others: why don't you do good. 9、 Decoration needs to find big brands and companies. If you have strength, there should be no problem.

Sanlu is also very big, the recent Ctrip is also very big, and the recent red, yellow and blue are bigger. Which company can you see is not a big company? The truth is simple, but you can never see clearly without thinking. What is the relationship between decoration and the size of the company? Your house is 60 square meters. If you have the ability, go to Dongyirisheng. 10、 My price is not only low, but also did not add money. Waterproof is to turn 30 cm up according to the ground. I also made a meter eight in the shower.

I don't know or want to know. I can only fight with bloody reality. This is ordinary human nature




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