The State Council plans to increase investment in

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The State Council plans to increase investment in industrial interconnection

pistons and oil cylinders should be replaced in production plants

at present, the construction of Digital China is in full swing, and vigorously developing industrial interconnection is obviously an important part of it. As an important support for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial sector and high-quality development, at the time of launching a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform worldwide, industrial interconnection is gradually growing into the core cornerstone of China's promotion of interconnection + advanced manufacturing relying on the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing

on May 14, the executive meeting of the State Council was held, and it was proposed to further promote the increase of network speed and the reduction of fees; We will focus on strengthening the network capacity in key areas such as industrial interconnection, education and medical treatment, and increase effective investment; Strengthen the construction of industrial interconnection lines; We will organically combine the construction of new infrastructure such as industrial interconnection with technological progress in manufacturing

in addition, the National Symposium on informatization and software service industry held a few days ago also pointed out that it is necessary to create an upgraded version of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, comprehensively promote the construction of the industrial interconnection platform system, continue to promote the implementation of the industrial interconnection innovation and development strategy, and simultaneously promote the platform construction and application promotion

in fact, under the background of manufacturing accelerating into the information age, digital upgrading has become the general trend, and industrial interconnection is an indispensable driving force for industrial manufacturing. The development of industrial interconnection is a major global upsurge, which requires both the active participation of enterprises and the strong support of the government. In this regard, the Chinese government is very proactive

since 2018 alone, the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry to develop industrial interconnection, the implementation plan of industrial interconnection app cultivation project (year), the guide to the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection platform, the evaluation method of industrial interconnection platform Industrial interconnection is undoubtedly an important reason for the gap between domestic instruments and meters that can automatically draw marks on tables and imported products. The network construction and promotion guide and other policies have set goals and pointed out the direction for the development of industrial interconnection in China

thanks to the double advantages of market and policy, the scale of industrial Internet market is highly expected. The Ministry of industry and information technology predicts that by 2020, the scale of China's industrial interconnection is expected to exceed 1trillion yuan. Ge predicts that by 2020, the global scale of industrial interconnection market will reach 225billion US dollars, which is far higher than the market scale of consumer interconnection of 90billion US dollars

in addition, according to relevant statistics, there are 269 industrial interconnection platform products in China, which has exceeded the total number of other countries; The number of members of the industrial interconnection industry alliance has increased from 400 to 942. From the data of all aspects, the development of industrial interconnection has entered a growth period, and the future prospect is foreseeable

however, the development of industrial interconnection is not entirely plain sailing and has no weaknesses. At present, industrial interconnection is still in the early stage of development, and the construction of standards is still in the stage of exploration and improvement. Industry insiders pointed out that at present, the industrial equipment protocols of different manufacturers are different. They are basically in an island phenomenon, and the protocols are not compatible. In fact, it is not conducive to the unification of industrial interconnection standards

in addition, the development of industrial interconnection also faces the major challenge of talent shortage. Experts said that compared with the lack of technology and capital, the lack of core talents is more difficult to solve, especially in the short term. In order to promote the industrial interconnection field to the long-term future, we must improve the relevant talent training system as soon as possible to make up for the professional talent gap

finally, regarding the relationship between 5g and industrial interconnection, @3. It is necessary to hold an objective view to check whether the ejector pin of the oil cup is locked and has air leakage. Some people believe that the accelerated implementation of 5g technology will greatly help industrial interconnection. Because 5g is of great value in IOT, automation, automatic driving, car service, etc. However, some people believe that the prospect of 5g integrating into the development of industrial interconnection is not so clear

previously, Intel demonstrated the application of 5g technology to reduce the occurrence of factory accidents. With the help of machine vision, artificial intelligence and 5g technology, a virtual danger zone can be created. As long as someone enters, the manipulator or robot can be shut down in time through the characteristics of 5g high speed and low time delay, so as to avoid injury to workers

however, at present, the relevant manufacturing equipment of China's manufacturing enterprises, especially many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, has not been fully upgraded, and even the equipment of many manufacturers is still in the state of manual operation and semi automation, which is far from intellectualization and cannot match the application of industrial interconnection. Therefore, in the process of promoting the implementation of industrial interconnection, it should be accurately implemented according to the actual situation to avoid unnecessary waste or hidden dangers

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