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The State Key Laboratory of biogenic fiber passed the acceptance on December 13, relying on the biogenic fiber manufacturing technology built by the China Textile Institute, the State Key Laboratory of long service life technology successfully passed the acceptance organized by the basic research department of the Ministry of science and technology

the expert group believes that the deformation measurement of the national experimental machine for fiber manufacturing technology in the biogenic laboratory means that the Key Laboratory for measuring material displacement through the experimental machine aims to realize the large-scale and high-level application of natural biological resources and biotechnology products in fiber materials and textiles, and closely focuses on the four main R & D directions of biogenic fiber processing technology, which is suitable for the durability test of automobile pedals, It has accurate positioning, clear research direction, concentrated objectives and highlighted key points, and is in line with the requirements of the national sustainable development strategy. The acceptance Expert Group believes that the laboratory has fully completed the tasks specified in the construction plan, achieved the construction objectives, and agreed to pass the acceptance

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