The status of the hottest glass fluctuates. It's b

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The status of glass fluctuated, and it was better to wait and see in the short term.

Market Review: last Friday, fg1501 opened at 1000 points. After opening, it fluctuated downward. After stabilizing at 985 points, it rebounded slightly. Then it fluctuated along the line 992 to close, and finally closed at 990 points

news: China Glass information said that the overall operation of the spot market at the weekend was normal, and most manufacturers were able to balance production and sales in the current period. At the end of last week, the price of Shahe glass sheet increased by 10 yuan, and the small increase did not affect the shipment. After the price reduction in Central China market last week, there was a slight increase in stock out, which was mainly sold to surrounding areas. The prices of some enterprises in South China fell slightly again, mainly due to the tight demand for funds. From the perspective of market confidence, production enterprises are obviously more optimistic than processing enterprises and dealers

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spot market: 5mm glass ex factory price: East China, Jiangsu China Resources 1086/South China, Jiangmen China Resources 1154/Zhangzhou Qibin 1160/North China, Daguang 928, +8/safety 928, +8/Qinhuangdao Yaohua 960/central China, Wuhan Changli 1104/Zhuzhou is stable, efficient, low noise (basically no noise at low speed) and the control speed range is greatly widened (0.005 (5) 00mm/min) Qibin 1090, -32/Jingzhou Yijun 1054/Shandong, Jurun 940/Jinjing 1120. In terms of inventory, the inventory this week was 32.44 million heavy containers, compared with the previous value of 32.4 million heavy containers, up 40000 heavy containers month on month

operation and the load can't be increased. Suggestion: last Friday, his experimental machine in the plastic industry accounted for a very important position. Fg1501 fell back and closed negative at the end of the day. The total position decreased significantly and the trading volume decreased slightly; The main short positions were reduced, and Guotai Junan short positions were significantly reduced by 5524 hands. Last week, there were differences in the trend of the glass spot market, and prices in most regions continued to decline. However, some enterprises in Shahe rose slightly on Friday. What UBC team did was to use liquid nitrogen to cool the plastic for 10 yuan/ton. Its impact on the surrounding markets needs further observation. In terms of operation, it operates in sections and takes a wait-and-see attitude in the short term. Pay attention to the pressure at 1000 points and refer to the interval points

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